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The reasons I wont buy iGetter...
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11-22-2001 02:47 PM

Posted by:

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The queuing system is a bit strange, the way I want to use it is if I add a bunch of downloads, they dont go until I click 'go' then then start downloading 1 at a time (or more if I specify) this doesn't seem to ever happen...
(And if this is supposed to happen then something needs to be changed, cos I couldnt make it work..)

The main problem I have is that I can't drop a bunch of addresses on and have them all queued up, only one of the files appears, until this is fixed I will never part with the cash...

On the good side though, igetter is great with Mozilla on OS X (you should advertise this fact!) as Moz's built in downloading sucks...

11-29-2001 07:56 PM

Posted by:

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ever tried setting the prefs?.....

12-05-2001 06:32 PM

Posted by:

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I believe "iGetter prefs for Dummies" has just been released.
It's a hefty volume, mind.

Probably best check out..
"understanding iGetter prefs in 3,167 tricky steps"


nah, only kidding.


ps.. I'd rather gnaw through my own left leg than go back into iGetter's prefs. (I'm gonna make that my new sig!)

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