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Broken downloads after igetter crash
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06-29-2010 12:30 AM

Posted by:
Brad Taylor

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I have had this issue a few times now. I have been in the process of downloading when igetter just hangs so I have to force quit. When I restart igetter the files that were downloading are now showing as broken and I cannot resume. When I go into item settings the file name now has a 1 on the end of it eg. movie 1.rar
Some of these files are nearly finished so it's very frustrating. How can I get these files to resume?

06-30-2010 10:00 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Dear Brad Taylor,
First, you have to select some of the broken downloads, then open the Segments tab panel and see what error appears there. To solve the problem with the broken state, try to remove the download item from the iGetter queue. Then use the "Recover lost download" Tools menu function to add that file back in the queue.

The reported problem with iGetter hanging on completion may appear if:
1. You've started several large files (over 1 GB) at once. When iGetter finishes some file it closes the physical file which means that Mac OS X flushes all data temporarily written in the RAM to the HD. The machine that you're using may also add to the time of that process, especially HDD speed and RAM size (see also if the "top" command in the Terminal app will show "pageouts", which means that you need more RAM). Notice that flushing is an internal Mac OS X process which we can't control, you just need to wait that process to finish. Usually it takes between 1-5 mins for the very big files.

2. Your "Max simultaneous downloads" value at iGetter preferences, General panel, and your "Default number of segments" (Acceleration tab panel) values are very high. Try to decrease them to 1 and 3 respectively.

3. You use an antiviral program to scan finished downloads.

4. This may not be related to your case, but another user reported that this solved his problem. If you have a lot of files in the History list, try to shrink that list. You can do that if you set for example to 7 days the "Days to keep items in history" value available at iGetter preferences, General panel.

iGetter Support

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