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iGetter overriding settings in General preferences
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09-08-2010 03:03 PM

Posted by:

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A search did not find anything similar to my situation.
If I missed it, please tell me exactly where problems were solved.

I have used iGetter since 2002 with no problems, ever, until now.

Recently switched from version 2.7.5 on PPC Mac running OS 10.4.11
to version 2.8 on Intel Mac running OS 10.5.8
First time install of iGetter on Intel Mac, not over previous version.

Settings relating to problems

Max simultaneous downloads set at 1
All boxes in General preferences are unchecked

Two problems.

#1 - off and on, download starts when link dropped into iGetter, if no other links.
If a download is running, it sometimes leads to problem number two.

#2 - Max simultaneous downloads always set for 1
When upcoming downloads set to start after first download, they correctly show as 'Pending'
When first download finished, the next downloads do not always download one by one in order.
Instead, quite often all downloading stops with 'waiting' Network error: The maximum simultaneous downloads limit is reached. You can change it from the General Preferences.

When settings reviewed, they are all still as originally set.

What can be done so I can walk away knowing everything will download without settings being ignored/overridden?

Thanks for your help.

09-10-2010 12:11 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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In version 2.8 we've slightly changed the logic of the download queue. Now, when there are some "waiting" downloads that don't consume bandwidth, it'll try to start the next "pending" downloads in order to maximize the use of the available bandwidth.
Unfortunately, in some rare cases, when most of the downloads in the queue are from the same server, or the server has limitations to the number of connections from a unique IP address, this queue logic is not so effective.
For the next updates of iGetter 2, we'll try to improve the behavior of the download queue in such cases.

As for the other problems, looks like a corrupted or locked for writing preferences file.
While iGetter is not running, you could move the preferences file "com.presenta.iGetter.plist" (located in "/Users/<your user>/Library/Preferences/") to the "Trash". Then start iGetter again, and setup the preferences to your liking. Now iGetter should work without such problems.

iGetter Support

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