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REQ: Configurable Stop download when ## MB remaining
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04-11-2012 12:25 PM

Posted by:

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I'm a GetRight user from the modem days of the 1990s. Unfortunately, my iGetter experience on Mac can only be compared to 13+ years of running GetRight. iGetter is the closest experience to GetRight I could find, with the exception of one or two annoyances.

iGetter needs to implement a configurable option to correctly pause all downloads when ## Mb of space remain. For me that number should be high, like 1,000, to be safe. I've repeatedly woken up to find my mac down to 100 MBs and something else I'm doing starts chewing up space and i'm in trouble.

Also, I saw an old 2007 thread
about the error "Network error: The local file download has different size from the remote file". This has happened repeatedly to me, and usually multiple files break at the same time. All the errors are from the same host ( that I've downloaded 30,000+ files from for over a decade. I never encountered this issue until I started using iGetter.

When this happens I will state that the file on the hard drive is smaller than it's eventual size.

for example: Downloading a 1GB file , 38% done, the local (unresumable) file is 380 Mb in size on disc. And yes, the local file *IS* a different size than the original.

Normally during download, the partial file would be 1GB in size, regardless of the progress. I suspect that it occurs after disks run low on space. It has happened quite a few times, to much frustration since it is a paid, metered bandwidth service.

Now I realize, this trunking of the file down to size may be the consequence of some other trigger that "broke" the download. Again 10+ years of working with this PAID hosting service, thousands upon thousands of GetRight downloads, and I never experienced this until iGetter on OSX.

I don't have anything in my history to offer as an example (it has been cleared out). But perhaps, next time I'll be able offer up info to try and understand these failures.

04-13-2012 08:45 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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We added your feature request to the iGetter Bug list. However this feature is relevant only for bootable volumes, since non bootable drives/partitions could be used at their full capacity. Free space on bootable volume should be at least 512 MB as if your machine lacks enough RAM, Mac OS X will start using HDD storing cumulative virtual memory files in /var/vm/ folder (as much the machine works as much VM files with increasing file size will appear there until you restart your machine). In addition, HFS+ drive format uses a lot of additional disk space to store big files. You can see file size on disk and actual file size with the "Get Info" Finder command (Cmd+I). Original file size is in parentheses measured in bytes, but size on disk is in MB, GB, etc. A user reported that a 15.5 GB file took 1.5 GB extra space on its HFS+ HDD. In other words, in some cases that new option will not prevent the problem you're trying to avoid.

As of error: "The local file download has different size from the remote file", iGetter gets file size from the server response. Just look at Segments tab panel and select some download in progress. If "Content-Length" HTTP entity is present, iGetter will create the file with that file size right at the beginning. However if the server returns a different "Content-Length" value later, or if the local file is deleted, or if the Network volume on which you download is unmounted or in any other case when the local file size is different than the reported by the server value this error will appear. If "Content-Length" HTTP entity is not present (or if FTP server doesn't return a file size), then iGetter will increase file size on the HD until it reaches file end. iGetter uses Mac OS X functions to allocate files on HDD and all actual writing, flushing, etc. is made by the operating system.

Some useful feature is "Download Rules" function (menu Tools) which allows you to sort your downloads into different folders by file type (extension), file size (i.e. you can download large files on a different HD) or download site (i.e. all files from some site go into specific folder).

iGetter Support

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