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[Solved] Why is iGetter so slow?
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10-08-2016 03:15 AM

Posted by:
B. Jansen

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I like iGetter very much but it's the slowest program on my Mac. When I click on "preferences" it takes 20 seconds until the preferences windows opens ... when I click on any icon it takes again 20 seconds until something happens.

Do I have to buy a Mac Pro for iGetter? :-P I only have an iMac Retina 5K (Late 2014)

10-10-2016 12:25 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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There is definitely something wrong with iGetter installation on your system. No other user have ever reported such behavior and of course you can use iGetter on any Mac machine. Preferences window opens in about a second or less. Usually, iGetter CPU usage is 6-8% while downloading (0% in idle mode).

Some possible reasons for the reported problem:
1. If you use Sierra you need to install only the iGetter app (not enclosing folder) to your Applications. Please, read this note, about Sierra:

2. iGetter may not work properly if you download to an external drive (i.e. NAS/AFP drive).

3. If your system is overheating (due to intensive CPU or HDD usage), then HDD speed degrades significantly (HDD may even fail). Most of the Mac machines need a fan controller to work properly (i.e. install the free smcFanControl app). Also, check your HDD SMART info for bad sectors or a damaged SSD. At very least use Disk Utility to verify your HDD SMART status.

4. If you use a Fusion drive, then macOS may transfer huge data from the magnetic HDD to the SSD or vise versa.

5. After an OS X upgrade, Spotlight begins an index operation which slows down macOS for an extensive period (several days). In Activity monitor you will notice mds (or mdworker) proceses that takes 80-100% CPU time.

10-10-2016 12:39 PM

Posted by:
B. Jansen

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I'm using Sierra.

I already have uninstalled iGetter and installed only the iGetter App.

I download to the internal drive.

My system isn't overheating, CPU and HDD usage is normal. HDD is okay.

Yes, I have a Fusion drive.

Spotlight isn't indexing.

What I noticed: When I click on "preferences" in iGetter a process called "fontd" takes 100 % CPU usage and iGetter doesn't react anymore.

10-10-2016 04:15 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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A quick test of iGetter v2.9.4 on Sierra 10.12.1 with a German system language (Retina and Non-Retina). iGetter Preferences window opens in about a second ("fontd" is not showing up in Activity Monitor).

"fontd" with a 100% CPU usage, most probably points to a corrupt font cache or a duplicate font. First validate all your fonts through the Font Book app in your Applications (select all fonts Cmd+A > choose menu File > Validate Fonts command). Then the fastest fix for a corrupted font cache is to run your Mac in Safe-mode (Restart your Mac, hold Shift key until you see the Apple logo, then restart again

Here are some other "fontd" solutions which Google found:

10-11-2016 03:32 AM

Posted by:
B. Jansen

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I checked my fonts and there were 10 corrupt fonts which I deleted. Now everything is fine.


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