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Won't grab d'loads under omniweb
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02-13-2002 04:03 AM

Posted by:

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For some reason iGetter 1.7 seems to not want to grab the files when I click on them in omniWeb. Works fine in IE.

The iGetter plugin doesn't show up in the plugins page of the prefs of omniweb. It is in my library/internet plugins folder, and I've tried manually adding it to omniweb (get info in finder, go to plugins...) but it still won't show up.

Any ideas? Mail me.



02-13-2002 06:21 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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OmniWeb doesn't support standard LiveConnect type browser plugin as IE, but we will do everything possible to integrate iGetter with it.

iGetter Support

02-15-2002 12:27 AM

Posted by:
Dan Sauvé

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But Netscape plugins...


Does iGetter support Netscape? If not, it would be nice if it did! I don't use Netscape, but I'm pretty sure OmniWeb supports Netscape plugins, no?

Hmm... This is straight out of the OmniWeb FAQ over at

How do I use Flash/RealPlayer/etc plugins with OmniWeb?

OmniWeb has basic support for the standard IE/Netscape plugin API. To use such plugins with OmniWeb, put them in the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder (or ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins or /Network/Library/Internet Plug-Ins) and they'll automatically be used. Note that only those plugins which have been "Carbonized" for Mac OS X work with OmniWeb (or any OS X web browser, for that matter); plugins designed for earlier Mac OS versions can't be used.

Also, we don't yet support Java-based plugins such as Macromedia's Flash 5. (OmniWeb 4.0 includes a Flash plugin based on Macromedia's publicly available Flash 4 source code.) We'll have support for this type of plugin in OmniWeb 4.1, which will be released soon. (A beta download is available here on our site
Entry last updated on October 8, 2001

hmm. So is it a limitation in the "suppot for the standar IE/Netscape plugin API" that keeps iGetter from working with OmniWeb?

We really need this integration... I've been waiting for 6 months, and finally last night I decided to register. Now I want integration with OmniWeb, please ;)


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