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06-05-2002 09:34 PM

Posted by:

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I have been trying to get iGetter (IG) to run on a low-end Mac (6500 w/300Mhz 512k cache Newer Tech G3 upgrade, OS 8.6, 128 MB RAM) with only limited success. I found that IG ran fine on a dial-up connection, but that it presented all kinds of problems when I moved to ADSL. On the DSL connection, I found that IG would freeze *all the time*. Generally, it seemed that the faster the reported download speed was, the more often IG would freeze.

I am not convinced that this is solely an IG problem, however. It may just be that for some reason my low-end Mac just can't keep up the the download speed. For example, I have noticed that my Mac would also sometimes freeze when I was doing a download using Internet Explorer. I also noticed that freezes were much less likely when the download speed stayed below 25KB/sec.

I was therefore happy when Presenta introduced the download speed limit function. I was, unfortunately, disappointed when it appeared *not* to work.

I've been fooling around with IG from time to time, however, and I think that I have found an *imperfect* workaround to some of these problems. It appears that the "speed limit" function does *not* work on a single download, but that it *does* work (well, "kinda-sorta") if you are concurrently downloading more than one file. I just tried the following and downloaded more than 30MB of files before a freeze occurred (requiring a "hard" restart), then downloaded an additional 20MB or so of files after the restart:

1. In the General preferences panel, uncheck all boxes *except* "On quit clear que of finished". Set max auto downloads at 2.

2. In the Acceleration preferences panel, set "minimal segment size" at 96 KB (I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but this is what I did), and "Default number of segments" at 1.

3. Using either the Acceleration preferences panel or the slider bar on the main IG window, set "Speed limit" at about 18 KB/sec (I am currently using 18.70 - slower works, but 25 resulted in freezes).

4. Load up some files and give it a try. Quitting and restarting IG whenever you manually delete files from the queue also seems to help. All of the above might not be necessary - it's just how I have it set up right now. I do know, however, that Speed Limit will not work when downloading a single file with multiple segments. (I know - duh - one of the purposes of IG is to speed things up.) :-)

After watching the activity light on my DSL modem, I've come to the "guess" (I'm no techie) that the Speed Limit function intermittently interrupts the stream of data rather than slowing it down. My guess (again) is that the Mac uses the interrupted period to do whatever it has to in order to keep up with the download (writing to disk, etc?).

Anyway, the above seems to work for me so far, so I thought I'd post here in case it would be of help to others.

Unfortunately, I have found no solution to downloading a single file that is being received at high speed (>25 KB/sec). I just try to quit every after every few MBs so that I can resume with more data than I started with, and don't even *think* about running IG in the background. A PITA in my opinion, but at least resuming the download is possible . . .

Sorry Presenta, but I can't see paying for IG until I can get it to run more reliably. Things might change if and when I upgrade my cpu and/or if you get Speed Limit to work on a single download. In the meantime I guess I'll try testing some of the other download utilities out there and see if they work any better . . .

06-06-2002 10:06 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Dave,
We've already fixed a bug in the Speed Limit function, which causes the limitation to not work properly in some cases. This fix will be included in the next release of iGetter v1.9.
Regarding the iGetter downloading through a DSL connection, we found that iGetter works fine.
First you need to set your connection type properly. In your case it is: '256K cable/DSL' or '512K cable/DSL'. Then you must increase the 'Preferred Size' memory of iGetter from the Finder, to say with 5 MB.

iGetter Support

06-07-2002 02:47 AM

Posted by:

Find more posts by Dave

iGetter RAM allotment

Thanks for the reply and info re the Speed Limit function.

I just checked my current settings to see how they compared with your suggestions. I found that my current settings for RAM are 10,000K minimum, 20,000K maximum, with virtual memory off. (As I said in my first post, I've been fooling around with iGetter from time to time.) The "About This Computer" window says iGetter has 19.2 MB of RAM. My connection type is set at "512K Cable/DSL." (According to my provider, I supposedly max out at 768, download.)

I will try setting RAM at about 5 MB to see what will happen, but I'm not optimistic that will change anything. However, believe it or not, I *have* found some shareware stuff that doesn't seem to like having *too* much RAM allotted to it.

I don't know if you are familiar with the PM 6500, but it is known to be somewhat quirky. For example, I have found that Real Player and at least some games (Like Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo II LOD) will freeze up, and that shaking or jiggling the headphone jack will unfreeze the machine. The freeze will occur whether or not there is a headphone actually plugged in. Inserting a headphone jack will unfreeze the screen the in either event. This happens on BOTH of the 6500's I have (which are at different locations and on different connections), so it seems it may be some hardware problem exclusive to the model. I don't believe that the G3 upgrade is the problem as far as this goes, as I think I was getting freezes on Diablo I before the upgrade.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing for sure what the problem is, and jiggling the jack will not unfreeze iGetter.

I'm curious to see what will happen if Speed Limiter will work on a single download. To me, being able to do unattended downloads is a big advantage, even if I can't make full use of DSL's speed.

06-07-2002 02:59 AM

Posted by:

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Another thought....

Might it work better if I switched the connection type to 10MB ethernet? My cpu is connected to the modem via an ethernet cable....

06-07-2002 03:12 AM

Posted by:

Find more posts by Dave

Oh and another thing . . .

I have the "autosave" function set for 99 min., as it is almost sure to freeze on initiation of the autosave. I say "initiation", because after the forced restart, completed files are neither deleted nor are they marked "finished." (I have the "On quit clear queue of finished" option checked.)

Another question: I have the "HTTP User Agent" set at "iGetter/1.8 (Macintosh;G;PPC)" and left all three boxes just under that checked. This is correct, isn't it?

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