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iGetter can only be started on Mac OS-X ????
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07-27-2002 02:40 AM

Posted by:

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I'm a registered user of iGetter since version 1.5, and now using 1.8 version on both OS9 and OS-X platforms respectively.

iGetter of OS-X is perfectly Okay. However, on OS9 platform, whenever I click on hyperlink from IE browser's webpages to download shareware that iGetter always popped out a strange dialog box saying that "This version of iGetter can only be started on Mac OS-X". I have to fire up iGetter manually.

I trashed iGetter completely, including all preferences files and Application Support files, reinstall iGetter 1.8 and reactivate to registering licence. Same thing happens repeatedly.

Please advise how to workaround with this annoying problem.

07-27-2002 05:22 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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May be you have unstuff both versions on MacOS 9 and iGetter browser plug-in finds and starts the OS X version.

To solve this problem boot in MacOS and delete all iGetter application folders on your HD (including this for OS X). Then unstuff the iGetter for MacOS ('iGetter1_8.bin') original file and try to download something in your browser. If everything works well activate your MacOS copy.

Then boot in OS X and unstuff the iGetter for OS X ('iGetter1_8_OSX.bin') original file. Try to download any file in your browser.

If you still have problem with starting of iGetter write on our support email.

iGetter Support

07-27-2002 09:28 AM

Posted by:

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everything's fine!

I finally trashed all iGetter's files on both platforms with the little help of Sherlock, make sure all related files are gone. Then I installed again the OS9 version of iGetter 1.8, downloaded two shareware successfully.

Restarted to OS-X platform, installed again the iGetter 1.8 OS-X version, did the same things like in OS9. Perfect job.

Back to OS9 again to verify and test again with IE browser's integrated function of iGetter. Good news, everything's fine now.

Hoping that the annoying dialog box won't pop out again, will see!

Thank you for your prompt support.

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