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Feature suggestion: individual limits for number of connections
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06-11-2003 12:15 PM

Posted by:

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this is something that I already suggested to the iGetter support team, and although I got a very nice "we'll think about it" reply, I think it may be good to suggest it in public. I could imagine that I'm not the only person with this kind of problem/request/suggestion, so it may be useful if you add your thoughts if you believe that it's a good idea.

This is the problem: iGetter, by definition, is currently a download accelerator, but at the same time the numbers of servers where it actually works is getting smaller every day.

Due to bandwidth/traffic issues, a lot of FTP servers are already running with strong limits, like "one connection at any time", and there are ways to enforce this automatically. If you are lucky then they will only refuse second/third/etc. connections, but sometimes they will even immediately block and stop your IP number for the (already running) first connection (and the block period can be anything from a few minutes to a full day or even longer).

And more recently I realized that there are HTTP servers with similar restrictions, some are able to restrict the bandwidth for your IP number (making multiple connections useless), others are simply breaking down with 2 or 3 connections and stop sending bytes.

I don't want to suggest that iGetter should stop being a download accelerator (whatever works now should of course stay in), but I wonder if it wouldn't be useful to extend its features into a "download helper" for critical servers like this as well.

This is my suggestion: There should be a pane in the preference panels where you can define "connection number limits" for individual servers. The recent global "number of connections" count will apply to all servers which are not in the list, but if you enter a line " - 3" then iGetter should not attempt to connect more than 3 times to this specific server at the same time, adding up all "waiting" attempts, multiple files and number of segments.

If you have two lists of files on two FTP servers, each with the "one file at a time" limit, you could simply set the restriction to "1" for both servers, add your two lists, and let iGetter run on its own.
Currently, this problem can't be handled at all, unless you sit in front of the iGetter window, stare at the progress bars for hours, and start the downloads manually.

I know a lot more servers where this new feature would be extremely useful than servers which still can be tricked with the acceleration, and I hope there is enough demand for this feature that iGetter will eventually start to include it - because there also is no other tool with this possibility yet.

06-18-2003 12:41 PM

Posted by:

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I know what you are talking about is. Just let the iGetter be a smarter tool.
Instead of doing that, I suggest that iGetter should added the new feature of "Proxies", it's not same as proxy. Proxies could let user download from these STRICT FTP or HTTP server via different proxy at the same time. This is a very usefull feature which can be found in Flashget (PC software)
Just consider about it.

07-02-2003 09:28 AM

Posted by:

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This is a good idea as well, but it won't solve most of the problems that I mentioned:

1) Some FTP servers have a limited number of "slots", they only allow 5 or 10 or 20 connections at any time (for the entire net!) - it is tricky to get even this one slot yourself. The "proxy" would only create an endless series of rejected IP numbers.
2) The proxies will not solve the problem with slow HTTP servers that break down due to the number of connections - you can already connect 10 times, but speed will slow down to nothing - same with the proxies.

I'm not saying that iGetter should stop offering acceleration (and the proxies might be a good idea to add), but it could also add the *option* to "behave" if there is no other way, or just if a single user wants to. If you don't want to, just don't use it - but if you do want (and need) it, it may be very helpful.

03-13-2004 01:21 PM

Posted by:

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Multiple Proxy would be great

I would like multi-proxies too.

This would allow me to keep on using my standard proxy for surfing the web and at the same time allow me to download from the Brazilian brturbo servers. These servers only allow Brazilian IPs to connect, so you have to use (open) Brazilian proxies to get a file. However, these open proxy servers limit your download speed to 10-20 K/sec. If multiple proxies would be available, I could add 6 open proxy servers to the list and download at 60-120 K/sec. The best way to implement this would be to have "proxy sets" (list of proxy servers that are put in a set) that can be chosen from a pulldownlist when starting the download.

Definitely a feature I'm willing to pay for!

03-27-2004 12:14 AM

Posted by:

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Urgent one is

"do not segment files on same server", so it can stop webmasters from blocking too.
e.g. file has 3 mirrors, all works? 3 mirrored download
just 1? single segment.
You could call it "polite way" of segmenting.
I already dropped to 1 segment by default, doing stuff I mention above manually ;)

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