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iGetter crashes
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07-19-2003 07:47 PM

Posted by:

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At first iGetter would crash every few minutes but now it won't even start. I only get "application unexpectedly quit" messages. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail. I'm running OS 10.2.6 on a beige G3. Any suggestions??

07-21-2003 07:05 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Bill,
We don't know the reason for crashing of iGetter, but it's possible that the prefs files of iGetter are corrupted. A complete reinstallation of iGetter may solve the problem.

1. Notice that a full reinstallation of iGetter will clear its queue. Then you can add all uncompleted downloads with a double click.
2. Use the 'Uninstall iGetter' application included in the iGetter application folder (v1.9 or v1.9.5).
3. Remove all iGetter preferences placed in the "Home directory/Library/Preferences/iGetter" folder. Find the 'iGetter 1.x Prefs' file and remove it from there (we recommend you to save all these files for a backup use). Also remove all files starting with 'iGetter' in the "Home/Library/'Preferences", if there are any.
4. Remove all iGetter decompressed folders. You must keep the original "iGetter1.9.5_En.dmg.bin" file and the "iGetter License" file. You can search with Sherlock for the word "iGetter".
5. Decompress the "iGetter1.9.5_En.dmg.bin" file and copy the iGetter v1.9.5 folder to your Applications folder.
6. Find all uncompleted downloads on your HD and double click on them. They will appear in the iGetter queue again.

If you still have problems write us.

iGetter Support

11-05-2003 07:35 AM

Posted by:
Crashed iGetter!!!

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Same Problem - Thanks!

I've had the same problem and by reinstalling it like iGetter support said it works perfectly - Thanks!!!

01-02-2004 01:27 PM

Posted by:
Michael S.

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I have been unable to open igetter on both of my G4's... It was working great for a while, then it died. Now the app unexpectredly quits.

I reinstalled the application. I even updated my computer from 10.2 to 10.3, trashed prefs. then reinstalled... On my other computer I completely erased the new primary drive and reinstalled 10.3... I then came around and reinstalled igetter and still get nowhere...

02-17-2004 03:32 PM

Posted by:

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workaround for crashes

My solution for the crashing was to manually find & remove all the parts installed by iGetter. These were in the <drive>/Library directory as well as the <user>/Library. Then re-install the app.

I was experiencing crashing after a system re-install, where I had drag-copied some iGetter parts from my backup to the new directories. Tried iGetter's Uninstall app. with no luck. Tried re-install with no luck.

I had trouble finding all the pieces with a "Find" search because I just did the re-install and hadn't indexed the boot volume yet. Perhaps that is why the included iGetter "Uninstall" application didn't work for me. With a little patience, all the pieces can be found.

Leave the iGetter license alone, it will save dialing up and re-authenticating later on.

I love this app and have been using it for about a year & a half. Control of it automatically through Safari is spotty, and it is usually difficult to get it to work with sites like Apple, for whatever reason. But for 95 percent, it's great!

MacOs 10.2.8 G4 QS 2002
iGetter v 1.9.5

04-21-2004 09:52 AM

Posted by:
Vic Taylor

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iGetter crashes

I too have suffered a lot of iGetter crashes. There seems to be no pattern to them. Everything seem fine the next time I try to use iGetter it crashes. This is not good enough. It is a good programme - when it's working but it's unreliability is unacceptable.
I have tried the various fixes suggested by iGetter support & they don't work. The only remedy seems to be to delete all iGetter files & then re-install. Having done that it will work for a few downloads but then crashes.

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