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Overnight use problems
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04-05-2004 04:50 PM

Posted by:

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I've been using iGetter recently more to control my internet connection while using edonkey, but lately I've been having some problems. I have iGetter set up to redial if disconnected, and to disconnect first thing in the morning, as I only have one phone line.

Recently, however, I'll wake up to find my computer won't wake up from sleeping. After I force restart, I notice the modification dates on the files are usually 2 or 3 AM, not the 6 AM disconnecting time.

Any idea what might be causing this? I tried it without using iGetter, and I had no crashing problems, it just disconnected at about midnight, making for a not very useful night of downloading.

Any suggestions appreciated

04-06-2004 05:02 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Bipe,
iGetter schedule function was not intended to be used without downloads in the queue. However, if you want to use the schedule function of iGetter you must set the System Preferences->Energy Saver->"Put computer to sleep..." option to "Never". iGetter will begin its work on the scheduled time only if the machine is not in sleeping mode. At the Schedule dialog use only "Redial modem if disconnected" and "Turn off computer when done" options. Also you can replace the "Turn off computer when done" function with "Sleep computer when done" in the Advanced preferences of iGetter.

Note that on Mac OS X if you have both modem and Ethernet connections you must disable the Ethernet interface temporarily for the redial and hang-up functions to work properly.

iGetter Support

04-11-2004 05:33 PM

Posted by:

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I already had it set up like that. The computer doesn't sleep, just the monitor. Yet when I check it in the morning, and I movee the mouse, the screen turns on, but is completely black, and I can see the cursor, but the password dialogue never appears.

It only seems to happen with iGetter running as well.

05-02-2004 08:49 PM

Posted by:

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do that with applescript!

Perhaps your problem is related to mine, look at my post here in the forum - perhaps you'll be able to decide if it's really the same thing.

However, the functionality you are looking for (connection watchdog and redial - even with relaunch of the donkey) is quite easily implemented with Applescript... I did just that on OS 9, with less than 20 lines of code if I remember correctly. You should try it - or try looking for such a thing on some Applescript web.

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