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Panther 10.3.3 dies??
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05-02-2004 12:58 PM

Posted by:

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I've found something as surprising as painful. Three times now, OS X 10.3.3 has died on my hands after trying to start a download with iGetter. First, iGetter shows the multicolor pizza of death. But when I try to kill the program from its icon in the Dock, it also shows the pizza! I tried going to other apps to select the "Force quit" option from the apple menu... but no way, every app I switched into would become unresponsive as soon as I clicked on the menu bar. So soon all the GUI was totally hosed. I had to use the hardware switch! (however the last of those 3 times I managed to get into a terminal screen and reboot from the CLI)

I had started using iGetter on Jaguar, and never something like this happened. I upgraded to 10.3 and then directly to 10.3.3.

Sometimes, iGetter works right; but then sometimes it blows.
The times this happened, the computer had been working OK for days, mainly with the p2p app mldonkey. That's the only constant I can find.

Surely there must be some bug inside Panther, since a simple app shoudn't be EVER able to take down the system; however, up to now this has only has happened to me with iGetter.

Needless to say, I'm staying as far as possible from iGetter until I find some solution. So I'm trying other downloaders.

Any idea?

05-05-2004 05:59 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Mijail,
Please send to our support email an URL that causes the crash. We've not tested mldonkey and iGetter simultaneously. They both use the same network resources and may be some conflict occurs. We have to know the type of your Internet connection as well.

iGetter Support

06-09-2004 06:36 PM

Posted by:

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Coreservicesd crashes...

Hi there.
I'm writing again because I've discovered the cause of my problem.
After some experimentation, looks like the cause of my crashes is that somehow Coreservicesd crashes. It happens mainly when iGetter tries to start a download, but has also happened twice when using Stuffit Expander (v7.0.3).

I've already filed a bug to Apple.

When this kind of crash happens, the GUI quickly becomes unresponsive. The only way of avoiding a general lock up is making "sudo kill -SIGKILL <pid of Coreservicesd>". This can be done from a open Terminal window (but you have careful not to touch menus or unnecessary windows - or you'll get blocked!); and can also be made from a SSH connection.

Well, I'll wait now for Apple to fix this and for you to go on with iGetter 2... :)

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