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Features suggestion: Download sequence files
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09-02-2004 07:40 AM

Posted by:
Richard Liu

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Sometimes people need to download sequence files. For example, I want to download these files:

In iGetter 2.0 I have to type the URL 20 times. But in SpeedDownload I can use a special form like:{01..20}.zip

and SpeedDownload will add 20 downloads autometically. In FlashGet there is a special "Download Multiple Files" dialog box for this.

09-02-2004 02:05 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Richard,
We will include the batch downloading feature in the next version of iGetter.

It's interesting that you post here when you use competitors products.

iGetter Support

09-26-2004 02:52 AM

Posted by:

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In the meantime... you can do it with an AppleScript. This works with iGetter 1.9.5 but I guess it should work for 2+ as well. It is pretty rough and has little error checking - use it with care or add your own safety net and improvements.

Adding leading zeroes to the first number defines the length of the final counter, so {1-20} will count 1,2,3,..,20 and {01-20} counts 01,02,03,..,20.
You can even include multiple {}s for massive site downloads.
If you want more features - add them yourself... :-)

How to build the script:
1) Launch "Scripteditor"
2) Copy/Paste the following sourcecode (below)
3) Hit the "Enter" key, locate iGetter if prompted
4) "Save as..."
5) Select "Program" (or "Application"), "no start dialog"
6) Save with any name you like - that's it.

Use at your own risk and have fun...

The source code:

on run
tell application "Finder"
set reply to display dialog "Base URL ({1-4}.jpg):" default answer "http://" buttons {"Cancel", "iGetter"}
end tell
if button returned of reply is "Cancel" then
end if
gettit(text returned of reply)
end run

on gettit(path)
set a to (offset of "{" in path)
set b to (offset of "}" in path)
set c to count characters of path
if (a > 0) and (b > a) then
set intro to (characters 1 thru (a - 1) of path) as text
set range to (characters (a + 1) thru (b - 1) of path) as text
set tail to (characters (b + 1) thru c of path) as text
set pos1 to word 1 of range
set zeroes to count characters of pos1
set pos2 to word 2 of range
repeat with pos from pos1 to pos2
set i to pos as text
repeat zeroes - (count characters of i) times
set i to "0" & i
end repeat
gettit(intro & i & tail)
end repeat
tell application "iGetter"
GetURL path
end tell
end if
end gettit

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