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igetter not integrating with Safari
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04-14-2005 02:06 AM

Posted by:
Robert Wells

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Hey there,

I'm trying the demo version of igetter & it only occasionally integrates with Safari (v. 1.2.4). I'm trying to download large demos from & most times it downloads thru Safari's built-in non-resumable downloader.

This presents a problem for us on lowly 56k modems. We need a resumable downloader, since my ISP only gives me 10 hours online per day. Downloading a 300 meg demo takes days. By then I've lost connection & Safari's downloader will start all over from the beginning, not where the file left off when I was disconnected. Make sense?

I thought igetter would solve this, but it doesn't integrate with Safari. I have the preferences box checked: Integrate with internet browsers, have closed safari & restarted, restarted the computer and even uninstalled igetter & reloaded it, but downlaods still go thru the Safari downloader.

Some downloads do try to go thru igetter, but as soon as the download starts, it mysteriously disappears from the igetter download window.

Can you help?


04-14-2005 02:37 AM

Posted by:
Robert Wells

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Here's a specific example of a link where igetter doesn't work:

When I click on the download link on this page, the file begins to download in Safari's internal downloader, not igetter.

Here's the page:

Also, I noticed I don't seem to have an internet plugin for igetter in Library>Internet plugins. Don't know why. I've installed, uninstalled and re-installed igetter twice.


04-14-2005 09:38 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Robert,
We looked at the site and found that they use the POST HTTP method for downloads hosted on their servers. Files that are hosted on the developers servers work just fine. iGetter currently doesn't support the POST method, because it's used mainly for user forms. The possibly use this method to restrict downloading with download managers. In other words they intentionally have restricted integration of download managers with the browsers as well as they intentionally restrict file resuming. The case is similar as if you receive an email with a 300 MB attachment. If the connection drops you will need to start from the beginning.

Notice that iGetter sends finished files in its history list. There you will find the downloaded info page from macgamefiles.

We can recommend you to contact macgamefiles at least to allow resuming of their files.

iGetter Support

04-14-2005 10:14 AM

Posted by:

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As a customer of Aspyr I sent a feedback about that problem which makes a needless nightmare here without need.

They sure understood my point and will work on it.

Browsers can't simply handle that many downloads, thats why I purchased iGetter months ago. Todays games have lots of patches.

1 demo is fine... Imagine owning 5 licensed games from a single company and it sends you to that "anti download manager" site

Its a small apache module needed to stop real abusers and force them to use a single connection with a POLITE message. It exists, it is used.

But if site owner has special problem with download managers in general, it can't be fixed.

Having a 512kbit cable connection, I already use single server unless its big file and I have found actual mirrors.

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