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I agree with Anthony
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09-29-2001 03:33 AM

Posted by:

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Downloads are impossible for me with iGetter 1.4. Some files just stop downloading midstream - iGetter keeps trying to reconnect, but is unable to resume the download. I even have one file that seems complete, but iGetter will not "finish" it. I don't think this is related to the source server, as I am able to start the download of another file from the same site. I have also experienced some system freezing - requiring forced restarts.

Download speed also seems very inconsistent compared to v 1.3, but this may be related to the graphics - perhaps faster updating of the speed numbers?

Maybe get rid of the "acceleration"?

One other thing - iGetter now uses 12.1 MB of RAM - with virtual memory *on*. This seems like a heck of a lot of memory for a utility. I actually thought the 8+MB used by v 1.3 was a lot.....

V 1.3 was fine for me - except for the 24hr clock problem. As far as I'm concerned, this version should be pulled and re-examined - and v1.3 should be reposted and extended until the problems are resolved.

09-29-2001 06:38 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Dave,
We already have a report for keeping resuming of finished downloads. So we will try to solve this problem in a short time.

Our recommendations for using of iGetter PR1.4 are:
1. Go to Acceleration panel in Preferences and configure properly your connection type.
2. Decrease the 'Default number of segments' to 2 or better 1.
If the configuration is 56k/ISDN, Default number of segments - 1 , you can decrease also the preferred memory size of iGetter to 8MB.

iGetter Support

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