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iGetter always goes for 'broken' -- useless
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10-04-2001 12:56 PM

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If an FTP server has a user number limit, it gives back 'Network error 530, too many users, try again later', then iGetter sets the file status to 'broken' and doesn't retry to download it! It makes iGetter totally useless for automatic downloading. Then, what is the purpose of this program?

10-04-2001 05:16 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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The RFC 959 for the FTP protocol describes that the error 530 is "Not logged in" and it is a "permanent negative completion reply". The FTP servers must return such error in response of invalid username or password.
In your case the server uses this error in response of exceeding users limit, which is non fatal error. In this case the server must return some error from 4xx group. As specified in RFC 959, the 4xx errors are "transient negative completion replies".
We will make some tests with different FTP servers, and if most of them return 530 in response of exceeding users limit, we will turn the internal state of error 530 in iGetter to non fatal. Which means that iGetter will continue its tries after such errors.

iGetter Support

10-20-2001 02:59 PM

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Consequent DL on User and connection limited servers

First of all, I Love iGetter!
I have too the broken issue. But I know the cause in most of the cases. It usually happens to me when I DL from a sever which requests only single connection (eg one IP one connection).

Immediately after a successful DL of a file (here only one segment is allowed), iGetter starts the DL of a second file on the same server. iGetter has to do login again for the second file. The server somehow believes that the first connection is not closed yet. It mightbe that iGetter initiates the second connection before receiving a "Bye" from the server. Therefore, the server refuses the second connection of iGetter and returns error 530 "Not logged in". The second DL becomes "broken", until manul intevention.

It is nice to see this fixed in the future version.

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