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3 problems i cant figure out (missing download files)
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12-28-2006 07:28 AM

Posted by:

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how can i make downloaded files visible or search for them?
i tried spotlight and osx search. nothing there.

i downloaded 40 files with igetter 2.5 yesterday, and i can see that i downloaded them in its history. the history in igetter shows me exaxtly what i downloaded, but the file location is "file not found". i specified an empty folder before i began to dl, its at the desktop called "igetter" and watched him downloading the 3 GB. it took 4h to dl.

i didnt see anything in the download folder at the desktop and thought lets wait a time, and watched igetter download all the files, each one after another.

what can i do now?
i can download again, but the disc space should be occupied and it must
be somewhere yes? i wonder

(osx 10.4.8)

my second problem is, that igetter wont install plugins for safari (2.0.4)
so i cannot use the "send to igetter" feature. it doesnt work, i installed
it but it wont appear. i have to copy the url link manually into igetter.

my 3rd problem is, that i specifiy a dl (download) folder at my desktop and igetter wont accept it, it sends new downloads today to the desktop.

thanks for help!

12-28-2006 08:35 AM

Posted by:

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i once again tried to install with terminal
the plugin wont appear in safari

maybe cause i ve saft 8.3.1 installed.
but i didnt tell saft to disbale plugins.

the problem with the download folder was my fault.
i copied URLs manually and igetter didnt select the folder i specified,
i had to manually select it first, now it uses it as default.

how to discover my lost files (3 Gigabytes)
that would be a real surprise, any idea?

12-29-2006 04:42 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Chris,
The problem with the contextual menu in Safari is a conflict with Saft, so you can decide which one you will use. As of your downloads, this is really a strange problem because iGetter always downloads in a physical file. If you download big files make sure that you have enough free space on your HD. The easiest way to find a finished download is to double click on the item in the history list or use the "Reveal in Finder" function. If the location is hidden for the Finder you can open your Terminal and type:

cd /
du -d 1

You will see your main folders and what space they occupy. Now, "cd" in the largest folder and again type "du -d 1", until you reach your 3GB files.

iGetter Support

12-30-2006 06:28 AM

Posted by:

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ok thanks.
i didnt know that saft doesnt like that.

for the terminal i am getting "permission denied" at
the end of each line, but thats no problem, as i have "what size"
and searched for big files. i couldn find them as they are alltogether 3GB.

when i look into the history of igetter, i see each file i downloaded,
but the location of it is unknown from beginning. i remember it wrote
even "file not found" during download. so it didnt write it to disc yes?


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