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Rapidshare problem
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03-14-2007 08:11 AM

Posted by:
Jai Jalan

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I've been using igetter & speed-download for some time with my rapidshare premium account. But now the problem is that copy and paste into the igetter window downloads (and/or using the manual add new url) only downloads me a file of 8kb on to my hard drive. I think there is a problem with loggin in my details to rapidshare. The first time I installed igetter I never used site manager to insert my rapidshare account details - could it be the cookie it uses from Safari?

Speed download seems to work fine in the same connection of ADSL. Can you help?

03-14-2007 08:27 AM

Posted by:
Jai Jalan

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Its me again.. well actually all igetter does is to download me a rapidshare page where you choose to download as free or premium account.. HELP!!

If I need to use site manager > how should the server path be > or or

Thanks Jai

03-14-2007 02:34 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Jai,
Unless you have a premium account rapidshare will not give you a direct link to your file. They use the POST HTTP method for their free service which makes using of download managers almost impossible (resuming of such files is limited too). If you have a premium account you need to wait for the forthcoming v2.6 which supports session cookies. Unfortunately we don't have a premium account at rapidshare and can't test it fully.

As of Site Manager you can get the exact site entry from the host part of the download URL or try the following:

iGetter Support

04-09-2007 08:28 PM

Posted by:

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Rapidshare and iGetter...

Hi Guys...I have a premium account with RapidShare and I download files from them using iGetter. First of all, it works fine and downloads are speedy. I did notice that once you download more than one file simultaneously, the speed tends to go back down to "normal" download speeds (i.e as if you are just downloading material WITHOUT using iGetter) - but I can't be entirely sure if iGetter is at "fault" for this because of USUAL coincidental downloading slowdowns due to traffic, time of day, connection speed...blah blah blah (you know how it goes!)..but I will try and observe iGetter in the coming days to see if there are any issues. (If any of the techs at iGetter have some more information regarding this issue, I would appreciate hearing something from you here.) Otherwise, anyone else has more info, please feel free to post them here and we will try to resolve the problems together. Cool? Cool!!!

04-13-2007 07:31 PM

Posted by:

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from the faq of rapidshare :

I use remote-uploads, but the files are just very small! What is wrong?

Many services, like RapidShare as well, use mechanisms to disable download-managers and direct-downloads. So if you enter a normal RapidShare-link, you will also get a very small file (and not the file itself). But if you use an URL with login and password like, the download will actually work.

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