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This is what we want.. **REPOST**
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11-12-2001 08:36 PM

Posted by:

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**I thought I’d posted this last week. Hmmm. Okay, I’ve removed all the swear words for the repost.. wouldn’t have bothered, but “the iGetter” tells me it’s about to die in two days! So now I add a Number 0. which is ..


at last..
a decent download manager for the mac.

And it's almost as good as Flashget! It certainly looks nicer.
(I just know you Presenta guys have heard of Flashget, heheh..)

What iGetter does it does amazingly well, but there are still some key features that it lacks. like..

1. a speed limit facility.

By default, iGetter *gets*, often so aggressively that the entire bandwidth is choked with its multi-threaded acceleration. I like to surf and download at the same time. A nice dial or slider thingy on the dashboard somewhere ought to do it.

2. That box on the left..

This masquerades as some sort of filtering system. Obviously it was worked out on the back of a cigarette packet. The first three (intuitive) things I tried to do with this area of the interface produced no effect whatsoever. Seems it’s for show only. It seems to sort downloads by their extension. Erm.. this isn’t windows, you know.

The possibilities are limitless, but firstly, if I want to change where the download lands I shouldn’t have to wade through dialog boxes, I have a mouse.

It looks like it might end up being a really useful tool, where users can drag and drop their downloads, catagorising, classifying, and filing as they go, but for now, it is a shambles. And as that download database increases, so does startup time; what’s essential here is some sort of..

3. Export facility..

So that I can have some reference to the original URL. I’m gonna have to wipe all those file records soon if i want that zippy start-up back. Bummer. Some applications thoughtfully place the file’s URL into its comment box. But they will all be gone the next time you rebuild your desktop, or allow the file to be post-processed.

I do like how you can drag a download out of iGetter and drop the URL onto the desktop, I guess I could “select all” first and just drag all those URLs out, but then I’d have a folder with 300 links to sort.

4. This automatic download business..

why should it make a difference if something is “auto” or not? If I say I want four MAX downloads, I mean four, not four “autodownloads” and a dozen “non-autodownloads”, all going simultaneously.

I click “download with iGetter”, and that should be the end of my downloading involvement. The 'Force when drag and drop' checkbox that iGetter support recommended to one user in this forum simply doesn’t exist!

Maybe they meant the “start download immediately” option. Truth is, most users will give up before they worked out the exact combination of checks and unchecks to get it to behave the way it should by default.

An interface this gorgeous should also be intuitive.

5. A browser.. (or rather.. explorer)

Anyone who’s ever browsed an FTP site with Flashget will know what’s possible here. Beats messing about with your average FTP client any day; just hold the down arrow key and *whoosh*.. one hundred subdirectories reveal their contents.

An integrated site browser/spider (http sites can be “browsed” in this way too) is essential, not only for getting whole directories in one action, but for rummaging through interesting servers and, of course, checking out what happened to the lost downloads..

6. yes, it misses some urls.

cgis, redirections, ssl, % symbols.. files that really are there! I know you guys are working on this. In the meantime, pity there isn’t a “browse referer” conceptual command.

7. links list

quick parse job.. a simple conceptual menu item.. “Get all files/pictures on this page” would be good.

8. Data death!

Where does all that data go when a file has been successfully downloaded? Login information, transfer speed, etc, all dissappears. I’d like a chance to see that stuff sometimes. Not just for the failed downloads.

9. a few wee things..

The sample rate on the transfer speed indicators is wonky, and thence the estimated eta.. completely useless.

A huge chunk of the gui is taken up by a useless banner (ok, it’s free so I’m not complaning too loudly).

The ticked “stop automatic downloading” menu item is insanity. Think about it.

The resume column sucks. The “how many retries” number needs its own column. Maybe turn the file name red if a site doesn’t resume, something like that.

And why does the iGetter window insist on jumping to the front everytime I drop a link on the target box? I want it just to “get on with it”

Also, what about a batch download option, ie.. file(1-99).

Apart from these minor foibles it’s an excellent piece of software which I’ve been using solidly, and recommending willy-nilly for the last couple of months. Beats every other Macintosh download client I’ve tried hands-down.

I’ll be back tomorrow [the last day of iGetterness].. iGetter tells me that it will still be able to download a new copy of itself, even after the 15th. I just hope it doesn’t have to.

the man in the moon
aka. nah, forget it

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