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Contextual Menu Problem in Safari
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01-06-2008 03:15 AM

Posted by:

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I am missing a contextual menu choice in Safari 3 running in Leopard. I can only see one option: "Download all with iGetter. There is no "Download link with iGetter." So, it's all or none. It seems that the menu should provide for downloading a single link. Does anyone know whether the single link menu choice exists, and if so, how to get it to appear?

01-07-2008 12:55 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Since Apple has limited InputManagers in Leopard only for the root user with the expectation that they will stop InputManagers at all, the command "Download with iGetter" and some features that the iGetterIMBundle adds are unavailable now. We will try to avoid this limitation which is intentional, but in the meantime, you can either try Firefox with the FlashGot extension installed, drag and drop links directly on the iGetter Dock Icon, wait our official release or manually move the iGetterIMBundle from"<Home>/Library/InputManagers/" to "/Library/InputManagers/" folder (readbellow). The last option requires some experience with the Terminal app and you have to remember to remove the iGetterIMBundle from the"/Library/InputManagers/" folder when you update to the next iGetter release. If you are unsure what these commands do just wait the new iGetter version.

To copy the iGetterIMBundle using the Terminal app:

1. Quit Safari.
2. Open your Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and copy&paste the following lines one by one. Enter your admin/root password when prompted. Replace the <user> with your login name and "/Applications" with the path to the iGetter app. All new lines start with sudo:
sudo mkdir /Library/InputManagers
sudo rm -fr /Users/<user>/Library/InputManagers/iGetterIMBundle
sudo mv /Applications/iGetter\ 2.6.1/ /Library/InputManagers/
sudo chmod -R go-w /Library/InputManagers
sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/InputManagers
3. Log out and then log in.
4. The "Download with iGetter" command should appear in Safari.
5. Remember that you have to remove the iGetterIMBundle from the "/Library/InputManagers/" folder when we release the new version.

iGetter Support

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