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iGetter Default Cookie Setting When Batch Adding
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09-03-2008 10:06 AM

Posted by:

Is there a workaround for the browser that iGetter chooses to look for a cookie?

I know this same question has been addressed in other ways, but there seems to be a simple solution to the problem. The information below applies to a Mac running 10.5.4 with Safari 3.x / Firefox 3.x / iGetter 2.7.5 / Latest version of Flashgot as of 9/3/2008.

When adding multiple Rapidshare text links in Firefox 3, using "Flashgot Selected" or the iGetter contextual menu, it selects Safari as the browser to use for a cookie. However, if you have iGetter set NOT to start downloading immediately, and you go to each items settings and change the cookie setting to Firefox under the advanced tab they will all download just fine. When the cookie is set to Safari or iGetter, they will fail. Even when you use the iGetter CM "Download Selection with iGetter" in Safari to add multiple RS text links, only the first url of the batch is downloaded. The rest fail, so there's obviously something wrong with iGetter in its communication with Sarafi as well. And all of this was done with a RS premium account that was identified in iGetter's Site Manager.

The only workaround to this is to open each text link in the current tab, or in a new tab, and allow iGetter to pick them up that way. Or to change the cookie setting for each item in the queue as I mentioned above.

Wouldn't the fix action for this lie within iGetter, and not Flashgot, as mentioned in other posts here? If iGetter's default behavior chose the right browser by default, this wouldn't be an issue. Additionally, why is the advanced tab under Item Settings inaccessible when you open the item settings for multiple files in the queue?

Is there a backdoor way to tell iGetter to set the cookie to Firefox by default when adding multiple Rapidshare text links? It seems to me that it should be a simple fix to either allow fixing multiple items, or to tell iGetter to default to the correct browser. Or is there a way to use an Applescript to modify the cookie setting for multiple items in the queue?

09-05-2008 10:58 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

It seems that Rapidshare developers have changed their web site logic and now it requires cookies in order to redirect to the direct/premium download.

All of your requests are already in the iGetter To Do list: setting a default browser and allowing the Item Settings' Advanced tab for multiple items. In addition, we should fix the Process Web Page dialog (the one that appears when you add multiple downloads) to accept session cookies. Currently, session cookies work if you use the "Download with iGetter" CM command or wait for the plugin to add the URL to iGetter. Also, iGetter can extract only the Firefox 2 cookies when you set the cookie to Firefox (it seems that you have some Firefox 2.x cookies saved on your machine).

The only solution that you can try is to login to your Rapidshare account in Safari saving the password and setting the "Direct-downloads" option in your premium zone. Then try to add multiple RS text links from Safari or Firefox for example. If the downloaded files are too small add an ".html" extension to some of them and open it in Safari. See what Rapidshare wants to tell you. Or if some download appears as broken see what error is written in the Segments tab panel.

iGetter Support

02-01-2009 11:36 AM

Posted by:
registered user

Add to queue

DontTazeMeBro is right, when selecting multiple downloads the downloads fail. Also, the program does not respect the
"Open save dialog on new download". The dialog always appears on multiple selections, even if it is unchecked.

I registered the program because I liked it. I hope the problem will be resolved soon.

02-01-2009 01:33 PM

Posted by:
Sally Fields

this IS an iGetter bug folks!

see my other posts on the issue...
I have wasted many hours testing and following iGetter support suggestions to no avail.

iGetter, please honor your paid subscribers with a fix.. this bug has been around since September 2008!

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