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Starting igetter
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10-26-2008 01:56 PM

Posted by:

I am new to using a download manager. I purchased this so that I can avoid exceeding the Fair Access policy with my internet provider by downloading large items like software updates, audiobooks etc during slow traffic times.

I have installed igetter, but I don't know how to start the downloading process. The "Getting Started" section of the help page is confusing. I am not a computer wiz, but do have a basic understanding. Is it supposed to be this complicated to get started? Can someone help by maybe giving me a chain of commands to get started. Also, if I set the time of downloads during a specific time, does that mean that everything that I download will be put off until that time or can I specify which items I want done at a certain time? Help would be greatly appreciated!

10-27-2008 10:12 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Linda,
To download files with iGetter, first you need to add some download URL (link to software updates, audiobooks, etc.) to iGetter. There are several ways to add an URL to iGetter (dragging a download link from Safari over the iGetter icon, using Safari's contextual menu command "Download with iGetter", etc.), but the most easiest way is to turn on the "Integrate with Internet browsers" Tools menu function. Now instead of your browser's download manager will appear iGetter. By default iGetter will intercept only the following files: sit, bin, hqx, zip, gz, tgz,dmg (set in the iGetter preferences, Integration panel). The following Apple updates page is a good source for download URLs:

Next, you have to start your downloads:
1. Manually, by selecting a download and pushing the "Start" button (red triangle toolbar button) or choose "Start Download" command at "Downloads" menu. You can run all downloads if you push "Start All" button (two green triangles toolbar button) or choose "Start Automatic Downloading" command at "Downloads" menu.
2. Automatically (when you add a new download), by turning on the "Start downloading immediately" option at iGetter preferences, General panel. Since you want to start your files later it's better if this option is off.
3. At a given schedule start/stop time, by the "Schedule Downloads..." Tools menu function. This function simply turns on the iGetter auto downloading function (two green triangles toolbar button) at a given start time. To be sure that the schedule function will work properly you need to follow this:

3.1. If the machine is in sleeping state iGetter schedule function will not work. So you need to set the System Preferences->Energy Saver->"Put computer to sleep..." to "Never". (iGetter can sleep your machine if you substitute the "Turn off computer when done" function with "Sleep computer when done" in the iGetter preferences, Advanced panel).
3.2. iGetter must be started.
3.3. Downloads (that you want to download) must not be in suspended state. In other words, paused and already running downloads will be included in auto downloading, but suspended downloads will not be included.
3.4. See if the schedule start time is before the stop time.

It's good to test the schedule function first before to use it overnight. For example set the schedule function for a short time just to see how it will start and then stop the queue.

iGetter Support

02-12-2009 01:44 PM

Posted by:
new2 igetter

can't get it to start to download AUTOMATICALLY

i wanted to try it out but I cannot make igetter start to automatically download anything.

I have everything checked under the preference to "Automatically start downloading files of types*:"

all boxes are checked. each time i have to manually copy the link, click the + sign, and then paste the link into the popup 'new url' window

why is that? what am i doing wrong?

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