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Newsgroup downloading
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11-24-2001 07:44 PM

Posted by:

Can igetter manage and resume file downloads from newsgroups?

Im not really sure how it could handle this, or is it solely for browser/ftp files?

11-29-2001 05:54 PM

Posted by:
Billy Baxter

Good Idea

I'd also like to know if igetter can resume the downloading of flagged messages if connection drops.

I was waiting for a reply to Wes but it was taking forever so I thought I'd add my 2 cents!

12-04-2001 04:19 PM

Posted by:
Sam Gamber

I'd Like to Know Too

I think resuming downloads from the newsgroups can be done by using a news provider that supports a browser interface. However, this would be a very loooooong process, plus it would be uncertain whether attachments would download correctly, particularly where multiparts are concerned. The igetter team should look at resuming newsgroup downloading, like how Billy suggests, it would be a big bonus.

12-05-2001 06:21 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Resuming file downloads from newsgroups (if this is possible) is a good idea, but it is not in the scope of the typical HTTP/FTP download manager. You can search for some kind of newsreader software.

iGetter Support

12-05-2001 06:34 PM

Posted by:

iGetter *isn't* a typical download manager.

Who would want that?


12-07-2001 06:07 PM

Posted by:

Newsreader software

I've tried reading about Hogwasher, Newswatcher and Thoth Mac newsreader software but none say they will reconnect and resume flagged downloads.

If igetter did this I'd definitely buy it. Can't be too hard to add a function to igetter where, once it reconnects to the server, it tells Netscape to resume File>Offline>GetFlagged/Selected Messages again.


12-09-2001 07:09 PM

Posted by:

The NNTP protocol doesn't support resumable downloads. However Hogwasher and Thoth will both save the parts of a binary post, and resume where you left off of your disconnected for some reason.

Hogwasher does it more intuitively than Thoth, and is probally better for someone who doesn't want to be bothered with the inner workings of NNTP.


12-10-2001 06:28 PM

Posted by:

Thank you

Thank you for your help Craig. I might actually try Hogwasher. If it just resumes downloading selected that would be great. I'm not too worried if it can't resume a particular file cos i can always go back and get it again.

03-17-2002 08:20 AM

Posted by:

Oh I wish igetter would resume newsgroup dling!!

I've tried using Hogwasher and Throth and found both to be dogs! I'm sticking with Netscape and flagging my downloads and maybe one day, just one day, even as I write this 6 months on, igetter will incorporate a simple script that resumes newsgroup downloading after the modem reconnects - nothing else does it simply and my money is burning a hole in my pocket!!

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