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Sites that forbid download managers?
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08-09-2010 05:36 PM

Posted by:

Well, first off I know quite a bit about bandwidth as a retired USN Submarine SONAR-man.

There is NO download manager in existence (to the best of my knowledge) that can/is capable of "stealing" bandwidth. If there was, for free or for sale, the FBI & INTERPOL would be on it like white on rice, AND the mere possession of the ability to actually steal bandwidth (for CATV/cellphone/internet) IS a felony.(PERIOD). Ergo, there are NO download managers in existence that are capable of stealing bandwidth.

(Apparently there seems to be a HUGE misconceived belief that by restricting the use of download managers that site bandwidth will increase----NOT!)

Now, is there a legal way to get a download manager to function properly on Sites that forbid download managers?

08-11-2010 05:45 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

You could always limit (to 1) the number of simultaneous connections that iGetter will create for particular site. To do so use the iGetter options, Site Manager panel. Site entry may include all subdomains if you enter it in the following form: ""

As a last resort, set to 1 the "Default number of segments" value at iGetter options, Acceleration panel. This way iGetter will act as any browser using only one connection to any server. If that is not enough you may also limit to 1 the "Max simultaneous downloads" value at iGetter options, General panel.

Rarely, but some sites filter download managers and some browsers by "HTTP user-agent", so you may change this option at iGetter options, Advanced panel.

iGetter Support

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