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Microsoft Security Essentials causing iGetter to freeze
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08-19-2010 03:38 AM

Posted by:
Frank G.

Hello sir. I have a dial-up connection (MSN) , Windows Vista and several browsers, including IE8 and Firefox 3.5.11. I recently downloaded and began to run iGetter, to download 3.2.1 for Windows*. Everything seemed to go fine for a while, but then (after a re-connection) iGetter began to repeatedly freeze up, such that I could hardly operate it, though the download apparently continued. I opened my Resource Monitor and found that the cause of the freezing was MsMpEng.exe (Microsoft Antimalware Service), which was taking up a huge portion of my CPUs. I opened the Services window and stopped this service from running. Doing this immediately freed up iGetter, but also caused my Microsoft Security Essentials to immediately put up dire warnings about how it was shut off and my computer was now unprotected. I continued running iGetter for a little while before turning MSE back on, which of course caused iGetter to freeze up again.

Any advice on how to deal with this problem?


08-19-2010 04:08 AM

Posted by:
Frank G.

MSE Excluded files and locations setting

A follow-up comment. I just noticed that Microsoft Security Essentials has a setting for "Excluded files and locations", to which I can add the iGetter section of the program files. Perhaps this is a solution to the problem? I'll await a reply before trying it.

08-20-2010 12:18 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Frank,
Thank you for your report. It seems that the high CPU usage of the MsMpEng.exe process is a common problem and it may be related to iGetter only if Microsoft Antimalware Service continually rescans iGetter downloads which are still in progress.

What I found about MSMPENG.exe high CPU issue is that it may occur in the following cases:
1. While Windows makes an Automatic Update. Usually at system startup.
2. There is a scheduled scan at Windows Defender Options. You can immediately stop the scan by calling Windows Defender and stopping it.
3. If you have a mapped network drive, MSMPENG.exe will always scan when you access some shared network resource. So, make sure that you download with iGetter on your local HD.
4. When some file is heavily used, for example when iGetter downloads some file. You may examine the problem by opening the MPlog-DATE.log (on Vista it should be located here: "C:\program data\microsoft\microsoft forefront\client security\client\antimalware\support") and see if you have any "Expensive" files listed there. If iGetter is related in any way to such files you may exclude the iGetter.exe process in the MSE exclusion list.

iGetter Support

08-21-2010 09:35 PM

Posted by:
Frank G.

Download successful

Hello, Support. Thank you for your reply. The problem of MsMpEng.exe causing iGetter to freeze most of the time it operated, such that the scroll bars were difficult to adjust, occurred again when I executed the download again, and continued throughout the download. However, this time I decided to just ignore this "problem" and proceed. And I'm glad to report that I successfully downloaded and installed the OpenOffice program, which on my slow connection took about 16 hours total. I could not likely have accomplished this without iGetter, because my ISP has a 12-hour connection limit, and frequent storms here in Florida cause disconnections as well. I was able to pause and resume the download several times when the connection went bad.

I don't know what a "mapped network drive" is, so I probably don't have it.

I'll provide a little more information, for reference. The spike in CPU usage was certainly associated with the iGetter download, because, as I discussed in the first post, it went up or down (to near zero) as I started or stopped the download, with no other activity indicated by Microsoft Security Essentials. While the download ran, MsMpEng.exe had a CPU usage of 39 to 46, which was over 95% of my total CPU usage at the time, and about 50% of my computer's capacity, according to the Resource Monitor. I tried a few other computer operations during the download, including browsing the internet (briefly), and they seemed to function normally, so iGetter seemed to be particularly affected by MsMpEng.exe, presumably because it was managing the download.

Normally, MsMpEng.exe has a usage of only 0.01 or is not indicated by the Resource Monitor at all. During my last MSE update, MsMpEng.exe had a CPU usage of about 0.1. However, during a MSE scan, the CPU usage is about 40-50, similar to the usage during the iGetter download. So, the high CPU usage I experienced was evidently due to MSE scanning the download, as you indicated, and is probably just a normal activity.

Thanks again for a great program!

p.s. Please remove my email address. I didn't realize it would be public.

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