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How to install iGetter into FF4 specific profiles
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06-07-2011 12:06 AM

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It appears that iGetter hunts down all the browsers it can find and installs its plugin into them no questions asked, whether you want them or not. Fine. But what if a browser has multiple profiles?

I maintain multiple FF profiles, specifically one for everyday FF3 use and one for testing FF4 which I haven't yet made my primary browser.

iGetter only installs it's plugin into the "default" profile. As a result I can report 2.8.7 indeed works in FF3.

However, if I play all sorts of "games" to fake out iGetter into installing into my FF4 profile (e.g., renaming the profile as the default, or using FEBE to export all my plugins and then using the exported .xpi to import back into FF4), although the contextuals for iGetter are shown, attempting to use it results in the error message,

iGetterComponent error: Components.classes['@presenta/iGetterComponent'] is undefined

I can report that if I create a pristine new default profile (i.e., I completely remove all the preexisting profiles and create a new default) then iGetter will install into that and that works with FF4.

But I certainly don't want to do that. That would mean recreating all my preferences, resintalling all my plugins and recreating all their preferences. [At least export/import of bookmarks is trivial!]

06-07-2011 02:04 AM

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Fake out iGetter install into multiple FF Profiles

Since my initial post above I figured out one way to fake out iGetter to install its plugin in to multiple FF profiles.

You need to edit the text file ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/profiles.ini.

In this files there are groups of lines for each profile. Only one will have a line that says "Default=1". Move that line so it is the last line of the profile you want iGetter to install its plugin. Then launch iGetter.

You can do this, one at a time, for each profile in the profiles.ini file. It's not pretty but apparently it appears to work.

Don't forget to move the Default=1 back to the provile you want as the default profile.

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