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Default Download Folder is Incorrect from what was Set in Peferences
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01-05-2002 01:40 PM

Posted by:


I've been using iGetter for several months now. I currently have version 1.6. These last few revs I've been noticing a problem with the Download Location preference. That's not to suggest I think it's a new problem, but rather something which has caught my attention because I'm tooling around with the Download preference these past few revs.


My newly added downloads do not go to the Default Download Folder, after I specify a new location. And, when I do change the Download location, I find I have have to restart iGetter in order for any 'new' http downloads to match the new location. This appears to be happening pretty consistently.

D E S C R I P T I O N / S T E P S

Starting without any new downloads, I go into preferences and specify my download folder for my next batch of say 20 downloads. Once specified I will click Set, re-open the Preferences and make sure it still shows my selected folder. In some past cases it reverted back to the previous folder, so I double-check before proceeding with my downloads.

I then go to the web page with my downloads, and begin clicking on them, and they add into my iGetter queue. When I begin either a manual or Automate download, they DO NOT go into my specified folder. But rather to the 'previous' folder set, before my change. In many cases my downloads even ended up in the Igetter application folder.

As a result I then have to stop my download, open the Item Settings for each download, and manually reset the Download location. Once done my manual and automated downloads will go to the right place.

The only way I've been able to avoid this problem is by setting my new download folder and restart Igetter, then add my downloads.

T H O U G H T S ?

My immediate thought is the preferences aren't sticking. I also noticed after checking my iGetter preferences folder there were several Preference files for each version. This can create problem with the different versions if they are competing for the same file. Why not use and update the existing file?

If you're taking requests, I think it would be great to select a group of downloads from the queue window, and specify the download location from there too, in addition to what is specified in the Preferences. This would be a great convenience in that one wouldn't have to open the Item Settings for each one, as well as be able to create group download folders on the fly.


G4/ 500, 1.5 GIG RAM, 2 ea 40 gig drives divided into a total of 7 partitions. 25 Gigs free. OS 9.1

Note: iGetter is installed on the startup volume from the internal IDE Drive. My download folders vary throughout the different partitions.

Thanks in advance,


01-06-2002 08:13 AM

Posted by:

yeah, I had a similar trouble, ended up just leaving the DL folder in one place and giving up organising altogether, at least until iGetter is finished with the files.

I believe iGetter defaults to the system DL folder (internet prefs) until told otherwise. Mine sticks fine now.

DELETE ALL PREFS (which will delete your queue also, big deal)

In the future we will be able to define folders in iGetter and just drag-and-drop downloads into the right place, a-la Flashget.

For now, we can only dream.


01-08-2002 09:05 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Jeff,
We will try to reproduce the exact situation (with 2 HD and multiple partitions) to find the reason for this problem.

iGetter Support

01-10-2002 01:43 AM

Posted by:

Further observations (01-09-02)


Thanks for the attention to this. Some further observations for you as well. One big clarification from my original posting, with regard to my Default Download folder.

Regardless of my restarting Igetter after I make my download folder changes in the Preferences, every new download I add defaults to the Igetter application folder. As a result, I have to manually point the download the preferred folder using the Items settings for each one.

I guess if I were to suggest some steps to reproduce this, they would be:

1) Set Igetter download folder prefs to a secondary internaral drive folder. Not the startup drive. Also, in my case, the folder is not at the root level of the drive, but rather 5 levels deep.

2) begin adding http downloads from a web page to Igetter.

3) switch back to Igetter and open the Item Settings for the newly added downloads and see where they will download too.

In my case, it will show the Igetter application folder as the path. Not my preferred folder set in the preferences. So again, the newly added downloads are not corresponding to what set in the preferences.

Also, I lose my download path for all my downloads when I crash. I'm not suggesting Igetter is causing a freeze, but rather when I have to crash it out because of something else - It's rare, but happens. Anyway, I lose my downloads paths and too need to reset each Item Setting back to where I want the download to go.

Also, I can't choose the 'Desktop' as a download destination. It would be nice to be able to have that capability too.

I guess I could be more observant on the issue, and will try an offer more info as I see it.


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