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01-18-2002 01:06 PM

Posted by:

I posted these a while ago, but now I've gone through and weeded out stuff added in old versions and added new stuff.

* More and better drag & drop onto the window.
* I want to be able to copy& paste a list of URLs. Now it treats it like one looooong URL.
* Still a bit unstable.
* If I select 10 incomplete files in the finder and doubleclick, it only adds the first one. I have 90 files to readd after a crash where iGetter lost it's list and adding them one by one is not fun.
* I usually prefer Appearance manager compatibility over peoples own interfaces, mostly because I want all apps to follow my Kaleidoscope Schemes =)
* You need to add a Download Status filter for "Paused", but I can't see any way to do that.
You should also add a way to shift-click and select more than one filter at a time to give an "and" effect.
* I have a modem connected through a LAN and it would be nice to somehow hide the PPP connect/disconnect buttons to reduce GUI clutter. (also, I think I'd like to hide the shutdown button so I don't hit it by mistake)
* Internet Explorer thought it was a good idea to stop a 50 MB transfer at 40 MBs, thinking it was done, and I wants to restart.. is there somehow iGetter can "pick up" on this download and continue it?
* I feel the "File details" window should say what it's gonna do when the file is done, like netscape. (i.e. "Will open with Stuffit Expander", "Will save as SoundApp file" like old Netscape 4 had) and it should have a scheckbox so that you can turn off post-processing.

01-19-2002 11:02 PM

Posted by:


BTW, you can resume a download IE screwed, by using "Recover lost download" in the tools menu. However, it will only open files which are made by iGetter. You can still do it by manually changing the file type of the download to "Get1" and the creator to "iGET". I've done this before, and it has worked, but it would be a lot easier if the program would do it by itself....

Also PLEASE, PLEASE stick a resize bar under the horizontal scroll bar for the main window. Some of us (iBook users) can only have 800x600 and if we expand the chart we can't see it all, but still have a lot of wasted space in the queue area...

Also, for some reason when I was downloading some game trailers from file planet, they were all added to the list fine, but when I went away and left it to do its thing, something weird happened... The first file downloaded fine, but when the seccond one started it said it was broken. I clicked the play button to try again, and it worked fine, but once more when that file finished and it started on the next one it said it was broken.

I think it may be a file planet quirk (something like they won't let one person download multiple files at once, although it did download each file in 2 segments at the same time).



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