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Some more suggestions for a near-perfect product
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06-15-2001 02:45 AM

Posted by:
Horst Lehner


I just posted a five star rating on VersionTracker, because I am very happy with iGetter, even in its current pre-release state.

After reading through most of the messages on the Bulletin Board, I found that there is a number of interesting ideas from users, but not the ones I would see as my highest priority. So here is my $0.02 ...

- I would like to be able to delete multiple entries of the download queue at once. One way to allow for this would be to enable selection of more than one entry of the download queue. This could shrink the context menu to the still useful functions, and "Delete Downloads..." would certainly be one of those. Of course, the "Edit" menu could also use a "Cut" option to enable the same functionality (also through the usual keyboard shortcut).

- Given the way I use it, automatically deleting finished downloads from the queue after a couple of days would be nice. This would probably make the above feature's priority lower.

- Integration with Outlook Express would be nice, too. I frequently get emails with download URLs in them ...

- As a purely cosmetic thing, the data transfer monitor sometimes shows blank spaces. Is this for times when no data has been transferred at all, or is it just a redraw glitch? In the first case, maybe a slighlty longer averaging time would help. This could also prevent the transfer rate display to jump arbitrarily between near zero and a value about twice the physical limit my ISDN connection allows (I've occasionally seen the rate to jump briefly to up to 12k/s, without channel doubling!).

That were my favorites. I tried to keep the list short, because, being a software developer myself, I know you have to prioritize. So, keep up the good work. And should you ever feel you need to charge a small shareware fee, I will be among the first to pay it. Alternatively, I can offer to do a German localization of the final version to support you.



06-15-2001 04:46 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Horst,
Thanks for the good suggestions. We are glad that you find iGetter useful for you.

The next version of iGetter will have multiple selection in the download queue. But for now you can delete finished downloads from the queue checking the 'On quit clear queue of finished' checkbox in the General panel in Preferences. You can delete selected file in the queue by keyboard shortcut - Cmd + Backspace.

If you want to download URL outside the browsers, you can copy this URL to the clipboard (see Preferences->Watch For panel for enabling this function).

The blank space at the beginning of data transfer monitor is redraw glitch. We will work to remove this.

Thanks for your offer to help us with German translation. Forward we will contact you by email.

iGetter Support

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