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Very variable speed downloading
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01-05-2018 03:04 AM

Posted by:

For a few days I have been downloading files of variable size from a single site.
In the early days everything was fine, the download speed was always kept around 1.5 Mb / sec, with one or two files downloaded simultaneously. Better with just one file.
In the preferences (acceleration panel) the setting is with 9 segments each with a size of 540Kb. (the files to download have a variable size of 1.8-2.5 gb). My line is ADSL of 20 Mega (theoretical)
Suddenly, from the same site, the average speed is drastically reduced and becomes very variable. While downloading the speed rises and lowers even until it is zero!
Downloading becomes impossible with normal times.
I would like to understand if it is the setting of preferences to be wrong or slowness depends on the site from which download.
I tried to reduce to 8 segments of 50.000 Kb size, as suggested in another post: nothing changes.
Does the setting have to change for smaller files (<1 GB)?

You can help me ?
Thank you

01-05-2018 09:58 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

If download speed fluctuates so much, then something hinders your connections.

Make sure that "Obey speed limit (Ctrl+L)" function at Tools menu is OFF. Also, make sure that other machines or downloaders in your Home network don't download as well (i.e. a system update downloading in background). You need to stop any other downloader and test iGetter alone.

If a download appears as waiting, look for an error at Segments tab panel. There should be an error in red color. It may be an authentication error, network error, etc. Some servers apply a connection limit (often 8 - 12), so you should not increase simultaneous connections too much (i.e. two running downloads x 8 connections may be limited by the server). You may set connection limit per site at iGetter Preferences, Site Manager.

First thing to try is a test download from a reliable server. Apple servers give good speeds and are fine for testing. Just download some file from here:

Next test your current max download speed on the site. You need to choose a server near to the location from which you download.

So, after you test your connection on, select a proper connection type at iGetter preferences, Acceleration panel. If the test on shows a download speed i.e. 5.43 Mbps choose "6Mb Cable/DSL" in iGetter preferences.

Increasing "Minimal Segment Size" value to 50 000 KB means that iGetter will not try to make new connections at least 50 MB from end of the file. This is useful if download links expire while you download as well as on satellite connections. If you download huge files over 1 GB, you may even increase it to 100 000 KB. This will not increase download speed, but will help when downloads reach over 95%.

"Default number of segments" determine how many connections will be used simultaneously. 4 should be fine for most cases.

Note that iGetter measures speed in BYTES per second (B/s) which is 8 times less than bits per second (bps which and most ISPs use to measure speed).

01-06-2018 02:39 AM

Posted by:

these are the changes I've made:

First of all I've upgraded to rel.2.9.5 from 2.9.3

1) Maximum connection = 8
2) Number of segment = 4
3) size of segment 50.000 KB

Now the average speed is fine and stable. It's about 1.5 Mb/sec for my 20 MB ADSL (11-12 MB real)

Thank you for useful tips !!

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