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403 error with sitemanager credentials
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05-20-2018 03:57 PM

Posted by:

I keep getting broken links half way through some downloads. I Queue up a few downloads and some will cme up broken while others will start normally. I dropped down to default 1 segment so it doesnt do it half way any more but now some just start out broken. i have my credentials setup for the site in site manager and i include the "." after "http//" before the website domain(http// i even tried one without and a more specific domain. keep having the same issue.

This is the error i keep getting:
Network error: 403 HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

whe nthis happens i have to refresh the download link and copy and paste into item settings to fix. dont want to do that when i have 20 things queued up. How can i fix this?

05-21-2018 09:54 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Often the error "403 Forbidden" appears with file sharing sites, when download link or your login session expires. Entering your user info in Site Manager doesn't make any difference, because those sites use authentication cookies.

Some filesharing services limit max simultaneous connections i.e. 12, others have a limit over how much you can download per hour (or day). In addition some links expire after some time i.e 15 min. and getting a fresh URL fixes such download.

You have set the default number of segments to 1, but you also need to set "Max simultaneous downloads" to 10 or less (iGetter Preferences > General panel).

Let's suppose that you download files from uploaded. You may try this:
1. Either keep the default number of segments set to 1 or set "Minimal segment size" value at iGetter preferences, Acceleration panel, to 100 000 KB. This way iGetter will not try to make new connections at least 100MB from end of the file.

2. Using your default browser login to the uploaded site (make sure that "Remember me" checkbox is on, if you see such). Don't logout from that site until the download finishes.

3. Enter the following sites with your user info at iGetter preferences, Site Manager panel and limit the number of connections to 10 (notice the point before

If download links start with https, then enter new site entries for these as well:

4. Always download the file immediately and don't pause it.

If you drag&drop (or copy&paste) links to iGetter, then iGetter cookie option will be set to your default browser (i.e. Safari). You can see that option at "Item Settings" dialog, Advanced panel, Cookie option. Drag&drop (or copy&paste) usually works better with filesharing services. If you use "Download with iGetter" contextual menu command, then cookie will be set to a session value that at some point later may expire.

Look at this thread for more info:

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