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Now NO downloader works.
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02-20-2002 08:30 PM

Posted by:
Steve Klarer

I played with iGetter for a while but decided not to use it for several reasons. I used an uninstaller to remove it and I used the plugin uninstaller that came with iGetter. Now NONE of my browsers will download anything. IE 5.1 hangs. Opera 5.0 crashes and iCab does nothing (at least it doesn't creash.) I haven't even bother to mess with Netscape or Mozilla.

Does anyone have any ideas? I need to download a lot of stuff and, of course, I need to have it yesterday. I'm sure that there's something very obvious that I've overlooked and I'd appreciate it if anyone who knows what it is could point it out to me.


Steve Klarer

02-21-2002 04:12 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Steve,
The reported problem is really a singular situation. iGetter installs a plug-in as Shockwave, QuickTime, etc. These plug-in installations in no case can cause crashing of your browsers.

To be sure that iGetter uninstalls its plug-in successfully just quit all opened browsers and turn on then off the 'Integrate with Internet browsers' function in the iGetter Tools menu. It is important that you must quit all browsers before doing this operation, because any opened browser may cause iGetter to not uninstall properly its plug-in.
If you use the iGetter browser plug-in uninstaller you must also first quit all opened browsers as iGetter has warned you.
The suggestions above surely can help, but if your system is messed up for any reason, you may need to delete (or move to other location as your desktop) the Internet preferences file placed in the System folder/Preferences. Without this file IE will start with its default settings and will create a new Internet preferences file. If you have other than these default settings as Proxy, etc. configurations you must set them in the Internet Config Control Panel.

iGetter Support

03-01-2003 07:38 AM

Posted by:


I had desame problem after uninstalling igetter. My browser (ie 5) does not crash but he doesn't download any files anymore. The screen keeps reloding or i get a message that igetter has picked up the file.
Only netscape can still download files.
I am talking about os 9.1, imac 500

thanks in advance


03-03-2003 06:59 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Joris,
Deleting the iGetter components and folder from your HD will not restore automatically your browser's plug-in configurations. So to uninstall iGetter v1.9 you must use the 'Uninstall iGetter' application included in the iGetter folder. It will uninstall all iGetter components (incl. iGetter browser plug-in and iGetter contextual menu plug-in) and will restore completely the Internet File Helper preferences to their default state. Then you can remove the iGetter folder from your hard drive.

The most easiest way to stop iGetter integration with browsers is to turn off the iGetter 'Integrate with Internet browsers' Tools function.

iGetter Support

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