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iGetter doesn't get along with FireWire drives
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06-09-2002 08:52 AM

Posted by:
Wincent Colaiuta

If you have a disk that isn't permanently attached to your computer (eg. a FireWire drive or similar) you can run into problems with iGetter.

Here's an example: imagine you have about 100 files in your iGetter queue, all set to download to your FireWire drive.

You download about half of them, some of them you partially complete, and others you don't even start downloading.

You then take your FireWire drive somewhere (or you unplug it from your laptop, or whatever).

When you come back and plug everything back in, iGetter will have "forgotten" all of the associations with the files in your queue. In other words, if you try to resume a partial download it will claim it can't find the file and fail.

If you try to begin a download that isn't started yet, it will fail and claim that it couldn't find or write to the required file.

If you try to use a folder filter that was pointing to a folder on the FireWire harddrive, it won't work. In other words, you can't drag files onto those filters and expect the file download location to be changed to the folder corresponding to the filter.

This can be an enormous pain in the butt if you have a lot of files in your download queue. The only solution is to delete all the partially deleted files from the queue, re-add them to the queue by using the "Recover download" menu, and then specify the location to which you'd like them downloaded.

The only solution to fix the files when haven't begun to download but which fail to start is to go to the "Item settings" for each and every file and choose a new destination.

Needless to say, this is INCREDIBLY annoying if any of the following apply to you, and it becomes more and more annoying the more of them that apply:

- if you have a laptop that you need to move from time to time
- if you have a FireWire drive that you ever need to dismount and unplug
- if you tend to have a lot of items in your download queue
- if you have selected multiple, different, custom locations to which you'd like your files downloaded.

This bug, and the failure of iGetter to handle long filenames, are my two biggest gripes about an otherwise excellent program.

06-11-2002 09:47 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Wincent,
Thank you for your report.

iGetter uses the File System Specification identification which the Mac OS gives to all drives, folders and files. In your case when you unplug and plug back your external FireWire drive, the operating system gives a different FSSpec number and iGetter can't locate the queue files.
Other way for saving the file locations is by the file path. This way is also unsure, because if you change any folder name in this path iGetter will be unavailable to find the file.
We are disposed to accept the second way for storing the file locations in the queue.

In the next major release of iGetter v2.0 we will include support for long filenames.

iGetter Support

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