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Which Browsers?
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01-15-2003 05:47 AM

Posted by:

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I notice discussion about whether various browsers are compatible with iGetter. Which ones are supposed to be supported?

I've tried iGetter 1.9 with 4 different browsers. iCab was the only browser through which i could get iGetter to function (even though Mozilla for OSX reports the plug-in as installed and active).

I'v used Mozilla, Chimera, Safari, and iCab.

01-15-2003 06:32 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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There are two ways of integration of iGetter with the browsers. The first is by a browser plug-in that intercepts automatically the downloads from your browser (by default iGetter intercepts only: sit, bin, hqx, zip, gz, tgz, dmg files, set in the iGetter Integration preferences). We tested iGetter with IE 5.x, iCab, Opera, Netscape 7.0/Mozilla, Chimera 0.6, OmniWeb 4.1 and Safari public beta. The result is that iGetter works with all of them with some exceptions. For example Safari first public beta starts iGetter, but simultaneously starts the download in background also. You must stop the Safari download manually. We have not tested iGetter with the latest preview release of iCab v2.9, but its previous versions give an error message: Network error #40.

From your report it seems that the iGetter browser plug-in doesn't work properly. This may occur if you have upgraded your version of iGetter and the old plug-in can't recognize properly iGetter v1.9. Run the 'Uninstall iGetter' application located in the iGetter v1.9 application folder and then start iGetter. Now turn off and again on the 'Integrate with Internet browsers' Tools function and then click on some sit, bin, gz, etc. file in your browser.

The second way of integration is by a contextual menu plug-in that adds two contextual menu function "Download with iGetter" and "Download all with iGetter". This functions work only in IE and iCab for now. The "Download all with iGetter" function works with Opera, too.

iGetter Support

03-29-2003 02:17 AM

Posted by:

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chimera 0.7


what about chimera 0.7 ? is the plug-in working ? i've tryed but nothing happen is there a way? thx a lot for answering =)

05-06-2003 03:58 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Tibanor,
We've tested iGetter with Camino 0.7 and we can say that the plug-in integration works just fine. It works well even with .dmg files which is a known problem in Safari.

To be sure that iGetter has installed properly its plug-in just switch off and then on the 'Integrate with Internet browsers' iGetter Tools function.

If you still have problem with integration we will be grateful for your report on our support email. Please write us how exactly you have tried to integrate iGetter with Camino and what is your machine configuration.

iGetter Support

06-01-2003 05:52 AM

Posted by:

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Filesize option

I don't currently use the browser intergration in iGetter because many of the files I download are tiny, so there's no point launching a whole other program to download them.

However, I do find iGetter VERY useful for large downloads. Especially the ability to pause and resume downloads, as I'm on a 56k dialup connection.

It would be useful, I think, to have an option in the iGetter prefs to only use iGetter to download files bigger than a certain filesize (say 5 megs or so). That way, it wouldn't keep hijacking all my small downloads, but when a large file needed to be downloaded, iGetter would do it automatically. I'd certainly use the browser intergration then!

06-05-2003 12:03 PM

Posted by:
Richard Peskin

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Intergration with Safari beta 2 (v74)

I can't get the iGetter browser plug-in to work with Safari beta 2 (v74). Is this a known problem? Safari just doesn't launch iGetter.

06-06-2003 09:19 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Richard,
We tested iGetter with the Safari 1.0b2v74 and it works fine. We recommend you to install the new v1.9.5 of iGetter. It must replace the old installed browser plug-in, but to be sure that iGetter plug-in is installed properly, switch off and then again on the 'Integrate with Internet browsers' Tools menu function. Make sure that you don't have more than one copies of iGetter installed on your machine.

iGetter Support

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