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Suggestion: a disable button
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05-31-2003 05:02 PM

Posted by:

I am evaluating igetter and generally find it excellent. But found one site ( which igetter failed to negotiate (there may be others). I simply wanted to download a small file for my pda but igetter would launch then fail to download the file. I tried other sites and it worked fine - obviously something about the architecture of this site didn't work with igetter - it happens.

At this point I just wanted to find some way of pressing a disable button, allow my browser download function to kick in, and carry on as normal. But igetter wouldn't give up.
Eventually, in order to download a tiny little text file, I had to uninstall igetter, download and then reinstall again.

As I visit this site quite often this going to influence my decision to take on igetter permanently. Might it be possible to put in a "not this time" function?


06-03-2003 09:31 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Alexander,
We tried a download from ( and found that this URL have a query part without a file name. So, iGetter incorrectly sends only the query part without the question-mark. We will try to solve this problem in the next versions of iGetter.

Regarding the integration function of iGetter we look for a better way of integration, but for now browsers don't give us freedom to exclude files on their size or to return a download back to the browser. We can only exclude files by their content type.

You can try to turn off the iGetter 'Integrate with Internet browsers' Tools menu function and use other methods for adding downloads to iGetter. For example you can use the drag & drop method (using the Target Icon from menu Window->Show Target Icon) or copy & paste (using directly Edit-Paste function in iGetter). In Internet Explorer and iCab you can use the contextual menu function "Download with iGetter" or "Download All with iGetter" which will start iGetter automatically.

iGetter Support

06-04-2003 05:17 AM

Posted by:

Turn off/on

Thanks for taking so much trouble. I have used the "integrate" command to "turn off" igetter, downloaded the files with the browser's download feature, and then "turned on" igetter again with the integrate command.

It works fine and I will register for igetter as it is a very good piece of kit.



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