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segmented downloads
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08-12-2001 07:19 PM

Posted by:

How about an option to cut a download file into a couple of segments, and download those segments simultaneously? I've heard this can speed up downloading, if the server serving the file is fast enough.

Even better, you could check how busy the server is, and then decide how many segments (if any) to cut the file into.

Basically, I mean downloading say from bytes 1 thru 1,000,000 and at the same time downloading from 1,000,001 to the end of the file. Only works if the server supports resuming though...

Just an idea.


08-14-2001 11:11 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Jason,
Thanks for the suggestions.

We plan to include segmented downloading in the next versions of iGetter.

08-14-2001 03:16 PM

Posted by:


09-06-2001 01:29 AM

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Re: segmented downloads

What about downloads where the server has pre-segmented them? Some Multimedia stuffs have been archived into 20-40 segments, and it becomes a pain to right-click, click, click into browser, ad nauseum(sp?). Something like Flashget (Win32) where you can use a contextual menu item to bring up a dialog to select which links to add into the queue would be GREAT in addition to segmented downloads. I think segmented downloads and this feature would be the two that make me pull out my wallet (since I spend most of my time downloading in this fashion) for this product.


03-28-2002 01:05 AM

Posted by:

Try the "Process Web Page..." function

You'll find it under the tools menu. This will show all of the links for the current or front most web page in your browser, and allow you to select or deselect the items to download. Very handy for they type of downloads you're talking about.

Hope this helps,

03-28-2002 08:51 PM

Posted by:

"process webpage" equals "broken"

When I select individual photos on web page using 'download with iGetter' I can download all photos.
BUT when I use 'download all with iGetter' and select multiple photos with 'process webpage' gizmo all photos selected do show up on iGetter Dowloads but as they cycle through all show up as 'broken'.
They are all in download folder as iGetter icons which when double clicked brings up box with individual url for photo. Checking download now box results in another 'broken'.
I doubt if this is the intended/desired result.
What needs to be done to get this feature to work?


03-30-2002 04:50 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Rick,
The 'Process web page' function just adds the download URLs to the iGetter queue as they appear in the web page.
If you see the transfer details HTTP/FTP requests and responses you will find the reason for the broken state of your downloads. See the forum post for example.

iGetter Support

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