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How to use Scheduled Downloads
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06-27-2003 04:59 PM

Posted by:

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I'v been using igetter for awhile now and like it very much but I cant figure out how to use scheduled downloads. i'v read all the help pages and nothing seems to address this. I have schedule downloads on and have specified times and dates but it doesnt autimaticaly start downloading at that time. when ever i add a download to que it just starts downloading it. i'v yurned off all auto download functions but that doesnt seem to make any difference. HELP!.

06-30-2003 06:55 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

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Hello Jerry,
iGetter schedule function requires:
1. A turned on computer that is not in sleep mode. (Turn off the sleep mode from the Energy Saver control panel.)
2. iGetter must be started.

iGetter schedule function is designed to set the automatic downloading function on and then it can hang-up and/or shutdown (or switch into sleep mode) your computer. Note that your downloads must be ready for downloading with a proper priority and in pending state. If any download is manually paused it will not be included in the automatic downloading. So you must verify which files you want iGetter to download in schedule mode and set them (if it's necessary) to pending state from the menu Downloads->'Set download to pending' function.

You can set on the 'Redial modem if disconnected' option at the Schedule downloads window to begin a dial-up connection at a given start time. This option will reconnect your modem until all file downloads in the queue are finished. If you want iGetter to disconnect your modem when the files in the queue are done you must set on the 'Hang Up modem when done' option too. You can also stop (hang-up) the connection at a given time if you wish.

Note that on MacOS X iGetter will try to connect to the Internet by all available network interfaces. That means if you have a LAN/Ethernet connection available iGetter will try to download from it and will not connect/hang-up your modem. To avoid this you must disable the Ethernet interface temporarily when you want iGetter to control (redial and hang-up) your modem.

It is always a good idea to check if iGetter will react as you expect. For example push the automatic downloading button (the most left two green triangles button) and see how it will start the downloads. In the same way will do the schedule function. Next you can set some start and end time in the schedule function to see if it will connect and hang-up your modem.

Regarding your second question, just turn off the 'Start downloading immediately' General panel option and iGetter will only add your download for later downloading. You may turn on the 'Open save dialog on new download' General option to specify more details (number of segments, local path, etc.) for your new download. Then uncheck the 'Download Now' check box at the New URL window.

If you want iGetter to switch your computer into sleep mode instead of shutting it down, choose 'Sleep' in the Advanced option '"Shut down computer when done" function really does *Shut Down/Sleep*'.

iGetter Support

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