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08-30-2004 06:12 PM

Posted by:

Is this comment which appears on Versiontracker true?
Version: 1.9.5, 4/25/2004 04:30PM PST
I concurr ... iGetter sends your personal download habits back to their server and collates them in their database for everyone to see
this is your personal info ... dont let them steal it
dont let them abuse your rights
dont let them abuse you
they dont warn you that this is going on
they also delete threads on their forum that warn ppl about this
they dont stand up to the challenge

09-01-2004 07:04 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

No, this is not true. iGetter is not spyware. We at Presenta respect your rights and privacy.

We will try to briefly explain all cases when iGetter contacts Internet (excluding the case when you download from the Internet, of course):

1. Version Check function - iGetter anonymously asks our server for the latest version number and download link. More than 90% of the modern software applications and operating systems have such function. This option can be turned on/off from Preferences->Advanced tab. It also appears in the "Important options that you must setup first" window.

2. Share Mirror Info:
"*The 'Mirror Search' feature can accelerate your downloads using a mirror server with a better connection and avoiding server limitations over the number of connections.
Setting this option anonymously supports downloads library by sharing URLs downloaded with iGetter from the Internet. Sharing of these URLs helps other iGetter users quickly find mirror servers for files they want to download.
iGetter will send to only the following info: file URL, file home page, file size, file date, file checksum.
For security purposes iGetter will not share file URLs from the private address space, secure URLs (https, ftps), IP only domains, password protected URLs, files smaller than 100KB as well as image, movie and web-page type URLs.
If you are not sure that you want to share mirror URLs just uncheck this option. Note you will not be able to use the Mirror Search feature if you switch off this option."

This quote is from iGetter's Preferences->FileAvenue tab. It explains everything.
"Share Mirror Info" option can be turned on/off from Preferences-> FileAvenue tab. It also appears in the "Important options that you must setup first" window.

Many popular download managers from other OSes have such function: GetRight, FlashGet, etc.

3. Mirror search - This function searches anonymously in downloads library for mirror servers of a definite download. It sends only the file name and file size to
Mirror Search function can be started only manually from the transfer details of a download->Mirrors tab.

4. FileAvenue service - This function downloads the latest and most popular files of the downloads library to appear directly in iGetter. It sends anonymously the current date, number of new and most popular downloads, and iGetter version (for future compatibility of protocol format).
In addition iGetter provides ability for searching in the downloads library. It sends anonymously the query string, number of result items and iGetter version (for future compatibility of protocol format).
FileAvenue service can be set to "Manually" or "On Launch" mode at Preferences-> FileAvenue tab -> "Check for new files" option. By default it’s set to "Manually".

5. Registration of purchased copy - This function registers a successfully purchased copy of iGetter in encrypted form to our server. It can be started from Help menu->Register...->Purchase tab / Activate tab. In addition this function can check periodically the validity of the purchased copy of iGetter to our server.
This type of shareware registration gives our customers better protection from software piracy. Many software developers use it for their products.

To protect our Internet services from improper use, software pirates and third parties, all of the above types of connections to our servers (Version Check, Share Mirror Info, Mirror search, FileAvenue service and Registration) are digitally signed.

As you can see from the above, all of these functions do a specific job for your download needs. First four of them are absolutely anonymous and absolutely controllable. First three are included in "Important options that you must setup first" window, that appears when you start iGetter for the first time. If you are not sure that you want to use these options, just turn them off.
FileAvenue service is turned off by default.
Registration function is related to Purchase process and protects iGetter customers from software piracy.

You can check iGetter with some packet sniffer, and see for yourself.

With this brief explanation we give an answer to all libels posted mainly on VersionTracker iGetter’s forum.

Courtney, thanks for warning us. We will try to contact VersionTracker about this.

Best Regards,
iGetter Support

11-26-2004 12:10 PM

Posted by:
M. Douglas Wray

Very impressed

All told, I'm very impressed with iG - works smooth and fast, interface is logical and efficient. What more can you ask? $25? Cheap. Truly outstanding shareware package - kudos to everyone on the team!! Spyware? I've packet-sniffed and it's clean. There's always going to be wackjobs that go screaming over the hill. Fine. Don't use a good tool - you'll be less competition. :]

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