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unable to view pages w/ embedded vid! + browser plug-in handling, script problems, icons, etc
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03-31-2005 08:46 PM

Posted by:

I'm having issues with webpages that include video embedded in the page. I can't view the page at all because igetter notices the video and downloads it and then backs me out of the whole page. Only the video part of the screen gets the "transferred to igetter" message but as soon as the download gets transferred to igetter, I back out of the page (or to a blank page if it's in a new tab or window). And every time I try to go back to the page I get another igetter download. A RANDOM EXAMPLE:

This might be a little easier if igetter didn't reguire me to quit all web browsers to change anything involving the browser plug-in. I know little about how those plugins are loaded but isn't there SOME way to change the way safari (or any other browser) handles certain filetypes without quitting the browser?

I've also noticed that igetter sometimes downloads html or script files when the downloadable files are managed by scripts (php, etc). when I click on the link instead getting the actual zip, mpeg, or sit file, iGetter downloads some index file. When I "save link as" in safari or firefox I get the file just fine though.

Also, iGetter really NEEDS to have the ability to prevent downloading the same file more than once. A preference option giving the choice to either download all repeats, not download repeats, or ask each time would be great especially if it could include a few options on notification of repeats. It would be really cool if the user could set basic rules for site specific actions regarding repeats.

The last thing I wanted to say was that I end up with a lot of nearly complete I-getter icons on complete files. I'm certain that the files are complete but they keep the last igetter icon that they had before they finished downloading. It only happens with specific files and happens the same way no matter how often I download them. What's interesting is that the correct icon shows up in the igetter download pane while it's downloading, it just doesn't get changed after the dl completes.

Anyway, I've rambled WAY to long here. I want to make sure I say that I really love the smooth functionality of iGetter and I use it all the time but I figured I'd put in my two cents. Thanks for a great product. I'll end this rant about now.

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