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Growl Support
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05-31-2005 07:32 AM

Posted by:

I was wondering if there were any plans for iGetter to support Growl

06-01-2005 02:36 PM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Hesham,
Currently, iGetter uses the integrated in Mac OS X Speech synthesizer to notify for some important events ("Download finished" and "Download broken"). We plan to improve this functionality replacing speech with sounds (unfortunately Apple provides speech synthesizer only in English and Spanish). A good idea is to add text notifications like these used in Growl. If we integrate text and sounds notifications in iGetter we will avoid dependency on a third party software.

iGetter Support

06-02-2005 04:58 AM

Posted by:

but.. but


I can easily understand your concerns as download manager coding company.

About growl

If it was a shareware or closed source of any kind, I'd understand the third party concerns but the huge difference is Growl is a opensource framework coded by very known and respected teams.

What about this? If there is a way, iGetter could signal a EXTRA (e.g. way GrowlTunes works) and it will be purely an OPTIONAL thing could be downloaded from any site.

I have a idea. Why don't you get (as Presenta) latest Growl 0.7 and tell the growl fans what they can do about support?

I mean, of course Apple didn't code the iTunes growl helper.

07-11-2005 03:41 AM

Posted by:

Removing my vote

I heard about zlib thing at weekend and wanted to figure if an open source project I use was effected.

After stuff happened to me on IRC, I finally understand what Presenta means by "3rd party"

I remove my "vote" about growl support. No need to rely on others projects, open or not.

07-11-2006 05:17 PM

Posted by:
Chris Giddings

Growl Support

I personally feel that GROWL support is still very much in need. The iTunes GROWL implementation I believe simply uses AppleScript. By providing AppleScript access to the calls for feedback you can offer the audible feedback, VoiceOver feedback and GROWL feedback very simply.

No visual interface would really be needed, and the feedback option would be up to the user to engage by placing the associated script in the Application Support folder. Provided a security minded developer would ensure the scripts could only take data sent out by iGetter and iGetter would specifically not allow messages to come back from the scripts so as to prevent any 'undesireable' side effects of providing a scripting interface to a download manager.

I personally feel there is more inherent risk in iGetter automatically downloading items based on strings in the clipboard than there would be in providing a scriptable interface for users to implement GROWL on their own terms.

My $0.02 as a developer myself.

Chris Giddings

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