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04-21-2006 07:14 PM

Posted by:
Leslie Dewart

After using 2.4 successfully for some time, I switched to 2.5 today. I get downloads fine, but my license does not seem to unlock all the features. It does not show the time remaining or the size of the file to be downloaded.

What should I do? Any advice would be gratefully received.

04-22-2006 02:25 PM

Posted by:
Leslie Dewart

To try to solve the problem of my first message, I decided to start from scratch. I uninstalled v. 2.5 and reinstalled v. 2.4. I verified 2.4 worked just fine. So, I uninstalled 2.4, downloaded a new image of 2.5, and installed it.

The result was much the same as the first time. Although v.2.5 downloaded files without any problem, it would not provide information about either the "Size", the "Total Size" or the "Estimated Time."

Moreover, within the "iGetter 2.5" folder installed from the image, there was a folder entitled "ReadMe." But the folder would not open. Instead, the "iGetter 2.5" window closed, and I could not get at any of the ReadMe documents.

My conclusion is that either there must be either a bug or else an incompatibility with something in my set up, which prevents 2.5 from working normally.

In the result, I uninstalled 2.5 and reinstalled 2.4. It is working normally.

I would be grateful for any comments.

04-23-2006 11:19 AM

Posted by:

Did you try running "uninstall igetter" in 2.4 folder , empty trash (if it doesn't, reboot) and install iGetter 2.5, run it once?

I am user and I didn't have such problem here.

04-23-2006 11:26 AM

Posted by:

the problem of moving ppc to ub

There is a rare , can'T be producable finder or OS X filesystem bug that happens when you replace a PPC binary with Universal binary.

Happened to me in couple of occasions, when graphic converter and weatherpop moved to UB versions.

Can't reproduce but I did "remove the .app instead of replacing it" trick and it works fine.

I am sure if I post to Mac community (usenet etc) people will find it is not a rare thing but I can't really stand to "fanatics" so, giving it up.

04-29-2006 06:21 PM

Posted by:
Leslie Dewart


Thank you for your comments. I installed v. 2.5 after uninstalling v.4, so the problem cannot be "replacing" rather than "removing." But thank you anyway.

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