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How fast should it be?
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08-14-2006 05:41 PM

Posted by:

As a DSL user (512K connection), my average download speed with Safari is around 50 KB/s for most download situations. I am using iGetter, but it's only downloading at around 55-57 KB/s. Is it supposed to be faster than this, or is it not the purpose of iGetter to be a download 'accelerator', per se?

08-15-2006 04:51 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

iGetter acceleration is dependent on the following factors:

1. Maximum bandwidth that your ISP provides. In your case it's 64 KBps (512 Kbps). Often DSL (ADSL) providers share their connection with other customers so you may or may not reach the maximum.

2. It depends on the bandwidth that download servers provide. There are servers that apply limitation over the number of connections as well as cap outgoing bandwidth on each connection.

3. Often there are Proxy servers that cache the files. During the caching your download speed may drop and then reach rates higher than your connection maximum. You may see rates like 85 KBps or higher.

4. The number of simultaneous downloads that you have started in iGetter. As much simultaneous downloads as slower download speed for each.

Usually on a 512K ADSL you will see rates between 55-60 KBps. You can see the average download speed of iGetter on its About Box and for each download on the "File Info" tab panel.

iGetter Support

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