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Unable to detect havy traffic
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05-11-2001 08:24 PM

Posted by:


I tryed igetter for the first time right now, and i ran into some troubles: SInce I wanted to download files from a server with lots of traffic, the server replyed "too many users, try again later" or something like this. But iGetter was unable to detect this and reported a broken link.

How do I set Paused files to "pending" status again, to let them download when the actual files download is completed?

How to start download for all files in que at the same time without needig to klick them all manually?

Maybe you can include a way (slider or something) to set a maximum bandwith for iGetter, so it is possible to go on surfing while iGetter downloads my files in the Background, leaving enough bandwith for surfing.

Keep up the work, it will become perfect!

05-12-2001 08:11 AM

Posted by:
iGetter Support

Hello Basti,
Thanks for the feedback.

iGetter divides remote server responses on three groups - successful, recoverable errors and unrecoverable errors. We strictly subsume every server response number under one of these three groups, as recommended in the RFCs for the HTTP and the FTP protocols.
When the server response is 'unrecoverable error', iGetter sets the state of the download as 'broken'. Which means it's useless to keep trying to download this file.
May be in the future releases we will include an additional option in preferences which will make iGetter to treat unrecoverable errors as recoverable, and to keep trying to download broken files.

iGetter treats downloads in 'paused' state as paused from user. That's why it doesn't include them in the automatic downloading. We plan to add in the next release of iGetter an additional command for settle an user 'paused' download to 'pending' state. For now you can set 'paused' downloads to 'pending' state with this little trick. You must start them manually and then click the 'Pause All' button. After that all started downloads will be set to 'pending' state. Now you can start again automatic downloading.

To start all downloads in the queue, you can specify in the 'Max auto downloads' field some high number (for example: 100), and start automatic downloading.

We are already working on the bandwidth limiting function and it will be included in the future releases of iGetter.

Thanks for your useful advices.

iGetter Support

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